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Post Generator Pro V6.0

plugin wordpress untuk mengubah 1 artikel spintax menjadi banyak postingan unik lolos copyscape

naikkan omset bisnis anda dengan PGP

Kuasai Google untuk banyak kata kunci sekaligus

Mau ngisi konten web tapi males nulis tiap hari? Beli ke penulis konten mahal?

The online shop is quiet?

Want page one of google without having to bother with SEO problems?

Ribuan Pebisnis Sudah Pakai PGP Sejak 2017

mari kita lihat cara kerja pgp di video berikut ini

Dominate page 1 of google with thousands of unique articles without being tired of writing many times! enough to write once so many unique articles.


Post Generator Pro is designed to make it easier for you to dominate page one of Google by utilizing the concept of SEO abandoned keywords and SEO local search. You can learn more about what SEO abandoned keywords and local search are here.

FEATURES of Post Generator Pro?

What are the advantages of Post Generator Pro? These features answer all your questions.

fitur post generator pro

WordPress Plugins

Post Generator Pro is a software in the form of a wordpress plugin, so that installation and updates are very easy to do even for ordinary people.

Install Di Unlimited Website

Post Generator Pro bisa Anda install di unlimited website selama website tersebut milik Anda sendiri.

Support Shortcode 780++ Cities Across Indonesia

Untuk memudahkan Anda, Post Generator Pro telah dilengkapi shortcode untuk memanggil semua nama kota di seluruh Indonesia. Total ada lebih dari 780 kota. Tidak hanya kota di Indonesia tapi juga kota di US dan akan kami update terus dengan daftar shortcode lainnya.

Bisa Custom Shortcode

Mau menambahkan shortcode sendiri? Bisa banget! Semudah ini

Generated Titles Can Be Called From Articles

The generated title / title can be called from within the article so that the article content can be more connected with the title, and of course it will be more SEO. See this video for more details.

Note: the video below still uses the old version of post generator pro.

Unlimited Sticky Shortcode

Ini dia fitur yang gak ada di tempat lain.

Gak cuma judul yang bisa dipanggil ke dalam artikel.

Kota yang tergenerate di judul bisa kamu panggil ke dalam artikel.

Dan gak cuma kota saja, spintax apapun bisa!

Dan tidak hanya 1 tapi unlimited! Lihat video ini untuk lebih jelasnya.

Elementor Generate

Gak cuma generate artikel aja! PGP bisa generate 1 template elementor jadi banyak postingan elementor sekaligus.

Bulk Deletes

Hapus semua postingan hasil generate PGP? Bisa, sekali klik saja. Gak cuma itu, kamu juga bisa hapus bedasarkan ID generate atau berdasarkan judul tertentu. Lihat video ini untuk lebih jelasnya.

Smart Updates

Setelah generate ribuan artikel baru sadar ada kesalahan penulisan? Tenang, tinggal nyalakan tombol update dan generate ulang maka artikel yang sudah tergenerate akan diupdate dengan spintax yang terbaru.

No Duplicate Titles

PGP memiliki system deteksi duplicate title. Jadi tidak akan ada 2 judul yang sama.

Bisa Di Share Hosting

PGP bisa berjalan baik di shared hosting saja ataupun di VPS.

Random Category

Artikel akan digenerate dengan kategori acak jika Anda mengaktifkan fitur ini.

Random Author

Artikel akan digenerate dengan author acak jika Anda mengaktifkan fitur ini. Sehingga web akan terlihat seperti memiliki banyak author/penulis.

SEO Friendly

PGP telah terintetrasi dengan banyak plugin SEO diantaranya Yoast, All In On Seo Pack, Rank Math, SEO Press, Simple SEO.

Is It Possible For Adsense?

Really can!! because adsense is more flexible. You can get more keywords if you play adsense. Is it safe from being banned by adsense? safe or not, no one knows because the adsense rules themselves are also not clear. Adsense players with articles bought from content writers have been banned for no apparent reason. Try to make articles that do not violate the adsense TOS. Post Generator Pro is not limited in its use, it can be used for cpa, clickbank, affiliate, etc. because its general function is to make articles in large quantities. We just have to play creatively.

aprove adsense 2x         ketrima adsense pake pgp             dapat 3 akun adsense

Safe Not From Deindex And Google Algorithm Update?

This is a question that almost always comes up from potential new buyers. Okay.. let's prove it together huh...

Below is an article from SearchEngineJournal December 2012, said Google Panda was targeting low quality sites such as websites containing spin articles.

algoritma google panda

5 years later to be exact in December 2017, an article from SearchEngineRoundTable appeared saying that Google started targeting sites that use permuted keywords such as [city_name] etc.


update algoritma google keyword permutation

And did you know that Post Generator Pro first released in March 2017. That means 5 years from the first article, or 9 months from the 2nd article.

And you can see for yourself the testimonials starting from PGP version 1 to the most recent version of PGP.

Here we capture the testi December 2020. Which means 3 years from the 2nd article.

testi post generator pro

Now, please take your own conclusions, is PGP safe from the latest Google algorithm updates? After so many updates the PGP algorithm is still getting positive tests from users.

Want to prove it even more? Please look on this page low part.

Itu adalah artikel yang digenerate menggunakan PGP saat awal launching. Sampai saat ini artikel demo di website ini masih terindex dengan bagus. Silahkan cek sendiri dengan mengetikan “” (tanpa tanda petik) di google, kemungkinan sekarang indexnya sudah ribuan.

What is the maximum number of articles that can be generated by Post Generator Pro?

Unlimited. Depends on the spintax you make and the strength of your hosting.

What Articles Are Produced Not Duplicate Content Later?

Duplicate content between post titles is definitely not, because Post Generator Pro is equipped with an algorithm to avoid duplicate content between post titles. Duplicate content with other websites? depending on the spintax you make, we have demoed the article produced by Post Generator Pro through copyscape, please see the last part of this video.

Is there an example of an article on the results of Generate Post Generator Pro?

Can it be in English or not??

Bisa. Bahasa apapun bisa. Jawa, Sunda, bahasa alay pun bisa. Karena sekali lagi, PGP bukan plugin AGC. PGP akan menggenerate ratusan/ribuan konten berdasarkan master konten dalam format spintax yang telah Anda inputkan sebelumnya.

If I Buy Can I Get The Guide?

Dapat. Anda akan mendapat panduan mulai dari cara download, install, dan penggunaan post generator pro. Di tambah beberapa video tips & trick kusus untuk member. Jika dari panduan yang ada masih kesulitan silahkan menghubungi tim support kami untuk bantuan.

Ada pertanyaan yang belum terjawab? lihat FAQ di bagian bawah atau hubungi kami melalui halaman contact us

Support Team

Support is done using a ticketing system. If there is a problem you can ask the support team for help by contacting us via the contact us button at the bottom of this page.

Facebook Group Support




Says Those Who Have Used PGP

More than 1000 people have used post generator pro. And here they say!!!

still not tested? contact us via email at the bottom I'll send you thousands of other testimonials

How much does it cost?

Special promo for today's purchase, our price is discounted to

IDR 649,000/year

IDR 599,000 for the first year

Next DISCOUNT 50% for a second year extension etc.


Gunakan kupon diskon “pgp50” saat checkout untuk mendapatkan diskon Rp50.000

Regret always comes when the price has gone up

The decision is yours. Buy now or wait for the promo price to run out


Some frequently asked questions.
Make sure you read this FAQ before buying!

Post Generator Pro in the form of a wordpress plugin.

To install PGP your website must be self-hosted wordpress. Cannot be installed on a free wordpress website.

Unlimited, you can install the post generator pro plugin on all your blogs/webs. It is not allowed to distribute licenses aka odong-odong.

Can. You just set the date for the next few days, the posting will be automatically scheduled.

It can be used for any language, Java, Sundanese, Russian, Alay language, because Post Generator Pro doesn't detect what language is being used.

It can't be installed on blogspot, but it can be tricked by exporting & importing PGP results to blogspot using a third-party plugin or tool.

Untuk di localhost tidak bisa.

DISCLAIMER: pakarbot tidak memberikan support/konsultasi/panduan jika ada masalah saat export import ke blogspot, atau install di localhost atau masalah lain yang berkaitan dengan blogspot & localhost.

Unlimited. Depends on the spintax you make, hosting strength, internet speed, the speed of your laptop.

Usually one click can be approximately 500 posts. If not all generated you can generate again, there will be no duplicates.

Jika masa aktif membership PGP Anda sudah habis maka postingan hasil generate PGP masih tetap bisa diakses. Anda hanya tidak bisa generate postingan baru saja. Untuk postingan lama tidak hilang.

Should not. If PGP is detected as being used for gambling sites/content, pornography, and other crimes that violate the law, we will freeze your account unilaterally and there will be no refunds.


PGP bisa dijalankan di shared hosting ataupun VPS. Untuk share hosting pada dasarnya bisa diinstall di share hosting manapun.

Namun karena beberapa share hosting melakukan pembatasan yang terlalu ketat seperti penggunaan firewall yang berlebihan menyebabkan PGP tidak dapat berjalan dengan sempurna.

Berikut beberapa hosting yang tidak bisa diinstall PGP: idwebhost, idcloudhost, rumahweb.

Saat ini PGP mendukung hosting/vps dengan PHP maksimal versi 7.4. Untuk PHP 8 belum didukung PGP.

Jangan kawatir, semua share hosting pasti mendukung PHP 7.4.

TIDAK. Pastikan Anda membaca dan mempelajari dengan teliti fitur apa saja, fungsi, dan penjelasan tentang PGP di atas. Anda juga bisa menanyakan ke tim support jika ada yang belum terjawab dari penjelasan di atas.

Any other unanswered questions? Please contact our support team via the contact us button below.

Need help?

Our team is ready to help you. Please submit a support ticket to our support team via the button below.

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