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Video Clone Pro

From 1 video to multiple videos without duplicates detected!

Support spintax and shortcodes to target keywords all cities in Indonesia.

Suitable for youtubers, ad breaks, online businesses, online shops, online marketing, offline businesses who want to market their products online.

Contoh video hasil clone

Di bawah ini adalah contoh video hasil clone menggunakan Video Cloner Pro

Video di atas adalah video hasil clone pada maret 2021 dari channel yang sudah verified menggunakan Video Cloner Pro. Masih awet sampai sekarang. Bandingkan dengan video aslinya di sini

Bisa Untuk Clone Youtube Short?

Tentu saja. Video Cloner Pro bisa untuk clone video YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Reels, dll.

Ini adalah contoh video hasil clone dari youtube shorts menggunakan VCP

Bandingkan dengan video aslinya di sini

How do you clone videos??

With the speed of internet access, video is currently the most sought-after content on the Internet. Even the results of the study show that Generation Z watches an average of 68 videos a day.

Of course this is a great opportunity that we should not leave. There are so many opportunities to earn from this trending video. Starting from youtubers with income of hundreds of millions of rupiah per month, especially now that there are adbreaks from Facebook.

In addition, you can use YouTube videos to promote your products. We will explain below why you have to promote using YouTube.

The problem is that making videos to be monetized is not easy.

Well here Video Cloner Pro here to make it easier for you. You just take 1 video on youtube/facebook, with VCP there will be lots of videos according to your keywords. Another plus, YouTube or Facebook will not recognize the video as a cloned video. Amazing isn't it?


video cloner pro


If you are a businessman, it is obligatory to use YouTube as one of your online marketing strategies.

Ok… please look at some of the pictures below so you can get the clue.

video youtube untuk seo Type in google “post generator pro” see no 4. That's right, YOUTUBE video!!
tube generator pro seo Type "how to fatten the body", check no. 6&7. Again YOUTUBE videos!!
video youtube untuk seo Type “fidget spinner”, see no. 3 & 4. YOUTUBE again!!

youtube untuk jualan produk
Type "hijab pashmina", check number 8,9,10. YOUTUBE again?!

tube generator pro untuk jualan
Type "how to use leech oil". See nos 7,8,9. Oops.. YOUTUBE again!!

fungsi tube generator pro
Type “fiforlif”. Check number 8 & 9. YOUTUBE BRO!!!


That's right, Google gives a special portion for YouTube videos to appear on the first page! This means that we can use youtube to bring up the target keyword on page 1 of google!!



You must have known or heard of malignancy Post Generator Pro to destroy page 1 of google with the concept of local search (LBO) and its abandoned keywords. Some used to work alone until they had 6 employees, some got tens of millions of projects, some were confused about responding to thousands of orders via whatsapp every day. All take advantage of Post Generator Pro (with the permission of Allah SWT of course). Please see the video testimonial below if you don't know this yet.

Well… What if the features in PGP are implemented in Video Cloner Pro?? What if the concept of local search (LBO) and abandoned keywords from PGP is applied in Video Cloner Pro?? Correctly!!! You will get much better results than Post Generator Pro, God willing. And even crazier, you no more hosting and website needed. Everything is provided by YouTube! It's up to you whether you want to run VCP or not

Stop wasting time!!!

Making hundreds of videos is tired Ferguzo!!
Let Video Cloner Pro just do it.

pakar bot


Advanced features Video Cloner Pro wrapped in a simple user-friendly interface that will help accelerate your business potential.

VCP Secret Algorithm

With VCP secret algorithm your video will be made as unique as possible from the original video.

Turn off default audio

Audio on video is the one thing that is most often subject to copyright claims.

With this "mute original audio" feature you can turn off all the default audio from the video you clone.

VCP secret algorithm + mute original audio, your video will be more unique!

Add random audio

Having the original audio removed now you can add your own audio. Worse yet, you can add random audio.

All you have to do is provide a folder that contains a lot of audio, then the video from the VCP will have different audio from one video to another.

How can the video not be even more unique?

Add background frame

You can add background for video frames.

So your video will be above the background frame that you have added. 

The video will look more exclusive, personal, and of course more unique than the original video.


Shrink Videos

After you add a background frame, now you can change the size of the video to be smaller.

Just enter the width of the video you want, VCP will calculate the height of the video. So that the video size remains proportional.

Flexible video coordinates

Ok, you've added background frame & resized video to be smaller.

Now you can place the video above the background frame at a flexible position/coordinate.

It's up to you where the video will be placed. A few pixels from the left, a few pixels from the top. Just set it like you like.

Flip video horizontally

You can also flip/flip the video horizontally. With this feature the video will be reversed but horizontally so that the video is more unique from the original video.

VCP secret algorithm + turn off default audio + add own random audio + add background frame + shrink video + flexible video coordinate

With the features above, do you think the video will be more unique or more unique?

Of course very unique!!

STOP!! don't be satisfied just yet!!

because there are many other cool features

Clone many unique videos according to keywords in one click

To create hundreds of unique videos is quite easy. Prepare 1 video, then 1x click the "clone" button then hundreds of unique videos will be created by Video Cloner Pro. See this video for more details.

Support nested spintax

Like Post Generator Pro, Tube Generator Pro also supports nested spintax so that the cloned video will be named according to the spintax combination you created.

Support shortcodes

The mainstay feature of Post Generator Pro to optimize the concept of local search (LBO/Local Business Optimization) is also embedded in Video Cloner Pro. With this feature you can target keywords in all cities in Indonesia with just one write. The term is stocking brochures. Spread your product promotion to all cities in Indonesia.

You can even spread it to the sub-district or village level or to all cities in the world by adding your own shortcode database if you are not satisfied with all cities in Indonesia.

VCP default shortcode database: all cities in Indonesia & the US, all urban villages in Surabaya.

support shortcode

multi language

Currently Video Cloner Pro is available in 2 languages, namely Indonesian and English.

can be used as an affiliate bonus

In this latest version, to be able to use VCP, you no longer need to login using an expertbot account. You only need to enter the license code once during installation.

That way you can buy many licenses, then you make an affiliate bonus. Just give it one license code, without having to give your expertbot account user password.

take videos from youtube then clone using VCP, is it possible?


You can take videos from other Youtube channels then clone and upload them to your own Youtube channel.

Or from another Youtube channel then clone then upload to Facebook video, or vice versa. All VCP can do.


Yes.. you can do the things above with VCP.

But we strongly discourage you from doing anything like the above. Take someone else's video then clone it using VCP. It's just not ethical...

Our advice is to keep making your own original videos. Just 1 is enough. Then clone using as much VCP as possible.

I want to buy now

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Price after discount

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pembayaran pakarbot

7 days money back guarantee 100% if you are not satisfied for any reason.
Make sure you've read the entire FAQ at the bottom before buying.
Price is for the purchase of 1 license


Some frequently asked questions.
Make sure you read this FAQ before buying!

Video Cloner Pro is a desktop software that runs on the windows operating system. Minimum recommended 4GB RAM.

Video Cloner Pro is designed as much as possible so that our youtube/facebook account is safe. But the possibility of a youtube account being suspended or a penalty still exists. Use wisely. We are not responsible if your youtube/facebook account is suspended and so on.

1 License can only be installed on 1 pc. You can switch to another PC every 2 weeks.

1 license can be used as long as your VCP membership is still active.

VCP can only be run on windows operating system. With system requirements as below.

Minimum requirements:
– Free usage of RAM 500MB

Optimum requirements:
– Free 1GB RAM usage

You might be able to run it on linux or mac os on top of a windows emulator like wine etc. But we have never tried this. There is no guarantee if you run it on a non windows OS.

Of course. We will refund you 100% if within 7 days try you are not satisfied with the result whatever the reason.

Can. In addition to being an affiliate partner to get a sales commission, you can also sell a VCP license or make it a bonus for purchasing products from other vendors.

Please note, support is only given to you as a license buyer. Your client does not get support from us.

Of course. Support is done using a ticketing system. If there is a problem you can ask the support team for help by contacting us via the contact us button at the bottom of this page.

There is a facebook group, no wa group. Facebook group is a forum to discuss fellow members. Not a support group.

Of course. We are trying our best to develop VCP, but there are bound to be flaws. Some deficiencies detected to date:

  1. VCP only clones at the visual level, not at the audio level. Make sure the audio on the video you clone is not copyright protected. Audio-audio such as songs or music from artists both local and foreign is definitely protected. Do not clone videos in which there is copyright protected audio.
  1. TGP (Tube Generator Pro) converts several images into many video slides, while VCP (Video Cloner Pro) converts 1 video into many videos of the same but considered different by youtube/facebook.
  2. In TGP there is a feature to upload & fill in descriptions/automatic tags to YouTube, in VCP there is none.

Need help?

Our team is ready to help you. Please submit a support ticket to our support team via the button below.

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