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Dominate Google Page 1 With Your Youtube Videos

make a lot original video and upload to youtube in just one click.
Support spintax to create a one-time unique title & description.
Support shortcodes to target keywords all cities in Indonesia.

Will always be updated following changes on youtube

Update terakhir: 14 Mei 2022

How do you make a lot of videos?

Before we explain in more detail why you have to make lots of YouTube videos, please see the screenshot below.

There have been many online marketers who have taken advantage of the awesomeness of YouTube as their promotional channel. But sadly they still do manual.

here Tube Generator Pro here to make your business easier. If previously you needed 3 employees to upload 90 youtube videos every day, now you can do it yourself while lying down with more results!! imagine how much you could save!?

tube generator pro


You may be confused why they are willing to pay 3 employees just to upload youtube videos every day!? Why did it become a mandatory curriculum?

Ok, let us explain so you can get the clue.

video youtube untuk seo Type in google “post generator pro” see no 4. That's right, YOUTUBE video!!
tube generator pro seo Type "how to fatten the body", check no. 6&7. Again YOUTUBE videos!!
video youtube untuk seo Type “fidget spinner”, see no. 3 & 4. YOUTUBE again!!

youtube untuk jualan produk
Type "hijab pashmina", check number 8,9,10. YOUTUBE again?!

tube generator pro untuk jualan
Type "how to use leech oil". See nos 7,8,9. Oops.. YOUTUBE again!!

fungsi tube generator pro
Type “fiforlif”. Check number 8 & 9. YOUTUBE BRO!!!


That's right, Google gives a special portion for YouTube videos to appear on the first page! This means that we can use youtube to bring up the target keyword on page 1 of google!!



You must have known or heard of malignancy Post Generator Pro to destroy page 1 of google with the concept of local search (LBO) and its abandoned keywords. Some used to work alone until they had 6 employees, some got tens of millions of projects, some were confused about responding to thousands of orders via whatsapp every day. All take advantage of Post Generator Pro (with the permission of Allah SWT of course). Please see the video testimonial below if you don't know this yet.

Well… What if the features in PGP are implemented in Tube Generator Pro?? What if the concept of local search (LBO) and abandoned keywords from PGP is applied in Tube Generator Pro?? Correctly!!! You will get much better results than Post Generator Pro, God willing. And even crazier, you no more hosting and website needed. Everything is provided by YouTube! You just want to run TGP or not

Stop wasting time!!!

Making hundreds of videos, writing descriptions, tags, uploading to youtube manually one by one is exhausting Ferguzo!! Moreover every day, boring Ferguzo!
Recruit employees? Heavy, you won't be strong!
Let Tube Generator Pro just do it.

pakar bot


Advanced features Tube Generator Pro wrapped in a simple user-friendly interface that will help accelerate your business potential.

Otomatis Upload Ke Banyak CHannel

Punya 100 channel Youtube atau lebih? Jangan kawatir, dengan Tube Generator Pro dalam sekali klik semua video akan terupload secara merata ke semua channel yang kamu punya. Termasuk penulisan judul & deskripsi, semua otomatis.

Generate multiple videos in one click

To create hundreds of unique videos is quite easy. Just click the generate button then hundreds of videos will be made by Tube Generator pro. See this video for more details.

Support nested spintax

Like Post Generator Pro, Tube Generator Pro also supports nested spintax so you only need to write the title, description & tags for each video once.

Support shortcodes

The mainstay feature of Post Generator Pro to optimize the concept of local search (LBO/Local Business Optimization) is also embedded in Tube Generator Pro. With this feature you can target keywords in all cities in Indonesia with just one write. The term is stocking brochures. Spread your product promotion to all cities in Indonesia.

You can even spread it to the sub-district or village level or to all cities in the world by adding your own shortcode database if you are not satisfied with all cities in Indonesia.

TGP default shortcode database: all cities in Indonesia & US, all urban villages in Surabaya.

chrome profile control

With chrome profile control you can import the chrome profile you normally use. By using the chrome profile that you usually use, TGP will use cookies, sessions, login data, etc. that are stored in the chrome profile so that your youtube account will be more durable.

post generator pro

Behave like a human

Tube Generator Pro uses chrome browser. The process of uploading to youtube is exactly the same as when you upload a video to youtube. Open the browser typing the address, write the title, description, and tags as you normally do so it looks more natural.

multi language

Currently Tube Generator Pro is available in 2 languages, namely Indonesian and English.

tube generator pro

Unlimited youtube accounts & channels

No limits. Tube Generator Pro you can use it on whatever youtube account and channel you have.

Duplicate Upload Detection

Every video that has been uploaded will be added to the blacklist so that it will not be uploaded twice even if you forget to upload the same video again.

post generator pro

Support Random Backsound

Tube Generator Pro has the ability to choose a background for videos that are generated randomly so that between one video and another the backsound can be different. This will increase the level of uniqueness of the resulting video.

Drip Upload

Tube Generator Pro will upload your entire video and write the title and description automatically. All you need is to click the “start” button, that's all. See the video for more details.

Update: for the latest version the tag column is gone


You can export the bulk upload results in .csv format

Can be used as a vendor or affiliate bonus

If you want to sell anything online then the best way to attract more potential buyers is to provide a purchase bonus.

Don't worry if you don't have a bonus. You can use Tube Generator Pro as a bonus for your customers. Just give the TGP license no to them. No need for your e-mail and password for your expertbot account.

They say

These are some of their comments about the early version of Tube Generator Pro

I want the full version

congrats, you got a special promo today

Promo can end at any time without prior notice

Normal Price Before Discount


Untuk pembelian baru, gunakan kupon “experttube” saat checkout.

atau DISKON 50%

Untuk perpanjangan atau pembelian kedua dst, masukan kupon “tgplonglastinglove” saat checkout.

paket 14 Hari





paket 1 Bulan





3 month package





paket 6 Bulan




IDR 300,000,-

paket 1 Tahun

(Lebih Hemat)





Keterangan: Harga warna hijau adalah harga untuk perpanjangan atau pembelian kedua dst. Harga warna hitam adalah harga untuk pembelian pertama kali.

pembayaran pakarbot

7 days money back guarantee 100% if you are not satisfied for any reason.
Make sure you've read the entire FAQ at the bottom before buying.
Price is for the purchase of 1 license


Some frequently asked questions.
Make sure you read this FAQ before buying!

Tube Generator Pro is a desktop software that runs on the windows operating system. Minimum recommended 4GB RAM.

Tube Generator Pro is designed as much as possible so that our youtube account is safe. But the possibility of a youtube account being suspended or a penalty still exists. Use wisely. We are not responsible if your youtube account is suspended and so on.

Can. You can switch to any other account or channel you have without being limited in number.

1 TGP license can only be installed on 1 computer/laptop only. You are allowed to move to another computer maximum 1x in 2 weeks. 1 license valid for 1/3/6 months depending on your purchase package. 1 license can be used for unlimited youtube accounts & channels that you have.

TGP can only be run on windows operating system. With system requirements as below.

Minimum requirements:
– Free usage of RAM 500MB

Optimum requirements:
– Free 1GB RAM usage

Installed the latest version of chrome.

You might be able to run it on linux or mac os on top of a windows emulator like wine etc. But we have never tried this. There is no guarantee if you run it on a non windows OS.

Of course. We will refund you 100% if within 7 days try you are not satisfied with the result whatever the reason.

From Tube Generator Pro itself there is no limit to how many videos you can upload.


Each youtube channel has a different upload power per day. If you are still starting to use TGP, then the number of uploads per day should be adjusted to your habit of uploading per day on the channel first. Just increased the number of uploads gradually a few days.

Please be careful, too many video uploads can cause your youtube account to be detected as spam. The risk is the account is suspended. We do not provide any compensation if your youtube account/channel is suspended.

The optimal size is 1280 x 720px, but you can use any other size. Tube Generator Pro will automatically adjust/resize your images.

Image files with jpg, jpeg, or png extensions

Video files with the extension .mp4

Yes, as long as the file has an .mp4 extension.

Can. In addition to being an affiliate partner to get a sales commission, you can also sell a TGP license or make it a bonus for purchasing products from other vendors.

Your client simply registers as a free member only. Then the license uses your license.

Please note, support is only given to you as a license buyer. Your client does not get support from us.

Of course. Support is done using a ticketing system. If there is a problem, you can ask the support team for help through the helpdesk menu in the member area.

There is a facebook group, no wa group. Facebook group is a forum to discuss fellow members. Not a support group.

The message 0 uploaded video appears because it has previously uploaded a video with the same title.

The list of video titles that have been uploaded is in the file c:\tgp\blacklist.txt

The solution is you can generate another video with a different title.

Need help?

Our team is ready to help you. Please submit a support ticket to our support team via the button below.

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