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Hello, I want to tell you first. Actually, this has been going on for a while, a few months ago, but God willing, it's still working until now. The story is that during the afternoon after noon, suddenly my house was visited by a tall, big, black skinned person, wearing a chain necklace, and scary (this is really not making it up haha, it's similar to a debt collector hehe) bring a piece of paper with the address of the house . And the address is exactly the same as my home address complete with my phone number. Stop in front of the house and excuse me, after I got out he asked "is this really the address of the **** cream distributor?". Alamakjang… I immediately remembered a few days ago I was testing for keyword optimization. The problem is that there is not even 1 bottle of the cream in my house. Lha wong, I'm just doing some research on those keywords.

As a result I just said "no sir".

Then his father said "but this is the correct address, jln. xx no xx”

I said, "Um, yes, sir, that's right.. Where did you get the address from, sir?", while pretending to be innocent, I didn't know

The father, "from google"

After the father came home, I checked and rechecked it turned out that the keywords "distributor cream xx" and "distributor cream xx in Surabaya" appeared on page 1 at the top complete with address and phone number. At the top, it's not at number 1, but above it is number 1, below it is web2 advertising.

What I'm grateful for, luckily his father didn't call his number... if his father tried to call and then the phone suddenly rings in my pocket, it could turn into a statue instantly... haha

So the trick itself to be like my experience above how?? be patient, we'll discuss it below hehe

The trick is to get page 1 of Google for this particular keyword without having to have a website or write an article at all. It's possible that %user.name_f% already knows the trick. If you already know, I'm sorry, but it's a bit redundant, meaning I share it, hopefully in the future I can share other tricks that you don't know yet. But if you don't know yet, I hope this share is useful and hopefully it can be applied to your business.

This trick uses the features of google my business.

Google my business will display the real business address/map %user.name_f% on page 1 of google. So we can use this to rank some keywords on page 1 of Google. The method is quite easy, just login on google my business, the url is

Then on the left sidebar there is "add new location", just click it, a map and columns will appear that must be filled in.

well at the very top there is a business name, just fill it with the keywords we want to target. Fill in the other fields with our address, or another address. Then click “set marker position” to place the business location on the map.

Select a location on the map and click done when you're done.

Now that's all, just waiting for the results a few days or weeks.

Well, there will definitely be questions if the keyword is more than one, how?

Yes, "add new location" again with different keywords in adjacent or far locations is also not a problem. For example, the first keyword was in West Surabaya, the second keyword was in East Surabaya. Or at our neighbor's house hehe.. the marker is set to adjacent coordinates but the address is just the same. For example, for kw 1 the address is written in block c3 no 22, then for kw 2 the address is written in block c three number 22, and so on.

How about the verification? no need to verify. me for the keyword is not verified. Even if you want verification, for example, you can use the address writing trick as above.

Is there a guarantee that our keywords will be perched on page 1 of Google? Yes, there are no guarantees. the slot for page 1 is limited. Just check first for the keywords that are still aiming at whether on page 1 of Google there is already a map. if it doesn't exist or there is only 1 then the chance to appear on page 1 is still very large.

So that's the trick. I hope it will be useful for your business

If there is an error in information, please correct it.

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