Tips for playing TGP with a new Youtube account by Agung Arifin

Tips for playing Tube Generator Pro (TGP) with a new Youtube account by Agung Arifin

Maybe this is a short tip who knows, I just tried it on 29 new youtube accounts and it went smoothly...

1. Verify Youtube via Mobile Youtube, Login to the youtube app from the mobile then verify.

2. Different Video Duration.
Often, if you use TGP, you make, for example, 100 videos of the same duration. I usually break my keywords into 20 keywords per group, so for example 100 keywords then I split into 5 groups.
Each group has a different number of images to make a video, so the duration of the video will not be the same at all.
Actually, when we generate videos, we can set different slide times so that the video time can be different. But by reducing or adding images per group, it's easier for me.

3. Because the account is still empty, at the beginning of the video, try to upload a video that has sound. Music is okay too, if I make using my cellphone, there are about 5 videos for the beginning of each account, chattering about the products being sold, sometimes I video-videoize my screen. If there is a real product, try to make a video of the real product.

4. Subscribe to niche channels. Can foreign channels can be domestic. And try to watch the videos too. Minimum subscribe to 10 channels if I'm per account. And I usually log in via mobile or cellphone, for manual likes and comments.

5. Silence the account for a week first, with the video notes in step 3 going first. don't immediately beat the upload. For 1 week, we can prepare to generate videos2 for derived keywords.

6. If you have time, use a new account to like, or comment, don't use links or spam. This is from the chrome profile.

7. After 1 week, slowly play each group. A day a maximum of 20 videos per account. Until the main keywords are all uploaded.

8. If you have a tier 2 website, or a main website, don't forget to embed the TGP videos on the website as well. I noticed, if we embed it into the website, a google image search will also come out.

9. What should be avoided when using a new account is, if possible, do not create the same niche or keywords, each account must be in a different niche. Because I've had 2 accounts, even though the videos are different, but the keywords are the same.

10. The above, is how I play for a new account and it works for me now. I'm also a beginner in YouTube. So if there is input, or the wrong way can be added in the comments column, yes.

Bakarrrr !!!

tips from uncle Agung Arifin, original article can be seen here

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