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So a seller on Shopee but sales are still low?


shopi pro

a tool that will help you increase sales on shopee

Will always be updated following changes in Shopee

Update terakhir: 5 April 2023

user friendly

Shopi Pro is designed to be as easy as possible for even beginners to use.

Support shortcodes

Shopi Pro has a shortcode feature so the results will look more personal and unique.

support spintax

Shopi Pro supports multi nested/multi level spintax so you can be creative without limits.

human like bot

Shopi Pro is designed as closely as possible when you do activities on Shopee so that your shopee account will be more secure.

And there are many other features that you can learn about below

Shopi Pro Features

Send messages to all customers in one click

People who have already purchased your products on Shopee are your asset. They are your fish pond ready to be harvested at any time.

It's a shame if after buying then you just let them.

Offer them with your other products. Offer them a discount coupon for purchases on your website.

So you have a customer database in your own system.

From time to time your shopee account is lost, so you don't have to look for customers from scratch because you already have a customer database in your own system.

With the feature "send message to customer" from Shopi Pro With this you can send messages automatically to all customers in just one click.

Not only that…

This feature supports spintax and shortcodes to call the customer's name and purchase id. So the message will look more personal.

Scrape Reviewer

Your shopee shop is still empty of buyers? Or want to increase sales again?

This one feature you must try.

This “Scrape Reviewer” feature functions to retrieve the username & url of the reviewer (people who give stars/reviews) of a product.

In other words take a database of buyers of a particular product belonging to another store.

BOOOMM!! Can you figure out where it's going?

Imagine that you are a seller of children's toys. Then you get a children's clothing product at shopee whose sales are very high. There are thousands of reviewers.

If you can get data on the buyer (buyer) of the child's clothing product. Then you offer them a children's toy product. Do you think many will buy or not? of course right!

That's where we need this "scrape reviewer" feature to get the url of the buyers of a product.

Combined with the features after this, getting new customers will be even easier. God willing.

Auto Follow

In the previous feature, we have obtained reviewer data (buyers) for a product. Now we just have to take advantage of the data by following them.

This feature can help you to Auto follow thousands of reviewers of a product in one click.

You are free to determine who you want to follow. Just copy and paste their profile url from the data we got through the previous feature, the “scrape reviewer” feature.

Send Bulk Messages One Click

With the feature "send bulk messagethis you can send messages to thousands of users on shopee with one click.

Just copy and paste their profile url from the scrape with the previous “scrape reviewer” feature.

This feature is supported spintax and shortcodes so that the message you send may vary from message 1 to another.

In addition, the message will be more personal because we can call each other by name.

Scrape User Details

This “Scrape Detail User” feature will retrieve more detailed data from the profile url that we got with the previous “scrape reviewer” feature.

If you want to filter the buyer database more specifically, for example looking for users who are active < 24 hours, etc., you can take advantage of this feature.

Can be used as a vendor or affiliate bonus

If you want to sell anything online then the best way to attract more potential buyers is to provide a purchase bonus.

Don't worry if you don't have a bonus. You can use Shopi Pro as a bonus for your customers. Just give them the Shopi Pro license number. No need for your e-mail and password for your expertbot account.

Choose the perfect plan

Use the discount coupons (quota & limited time) below to get a discounted price (without the quotes):

“shopi60” – Discount 60%, sold out
“shopi50” – Discount 50%, sold out
“shopi40” – Discount 40%, sold out
shopi100” – Discount 29%

“pgptoshopi” – 50% Discount (Post Generator Pro users only)

3 months

Rp349k Rp247k
  • Full features
  • After sales support
  • Free updates
  • Unlimited Shopee Accounts

1 year

Rp599k Rp425k
  • Full features
  • After sales support
  • Free updates
  • Unlimited Shopee Accounts

Want a double discount?
Please take the package of 10 licenses.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Shopi Pro is a desktop software that runs on the Windows operating system. Minimum recommendation of 4GB RAM.

Shopi Pro is designed to run on Windows. For you Mac users, please try the free version first.

Run Shopi Pro on Mac using the Wine application (windows emulator) or similar.

There is no support for Shopi Pro users on Mac.

Each license can only be installed on 1 pc/laptop/RDP.

The license can be transferred to another PC at any time 2 weeks by requesting a license reset to the support team.

Of course. We will refund you 100% if within 7 days try you are not satisfied with the result whatever the reason.

Our Shopi Pro is designed by adapting as closely as possible our habits to access Shopee so as to reduce unwanted risks.

But its use again on each user.

We strive to make Shopi Pro as secure as possible for your Shopee account, but do not guarantee anything including the security of your Shopee account.

Of course. Support is done using a ticketing system. If there is a problem you can ask the support team for help by contacting us via the contact us button at the bottom of this page.

There is a facebook group, no wa group.

Facebook group is a forum to discuss fellow members. Not a support group.

Of course. We are trying our best to develop Shopi Pro, but there are bound to be flaws.

Some deficiencies detected to date:
We will update the list here if new deficiencies are found

Need help?

Our team is ready to help you. Please submit a support ticket to our support team via the button below.

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