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Create a custom form that is connected to WA customer service with postage calculations & automatic payments without confirmation with Ordero.

Do you know?

Research by Facebook and Boston Consulting Group shows that 91% Indonesians surveyed are interested in online shopping or increasing their shopping transactions after conducting conversational commerce or trade conversations (chat).

Surprisingly, Whatsapp is the most widely used chat application in Indonesia with a penetration rate of 83 percent.

From the 2 data above, of course we agree, online stores that use the WA click to chat feature for purchases will increase sales conversions.

This Is The Problem!

If you use the usual WA click to chat feature, where when the buyer clicks the buy button on the landing page, they will be directed to WA CS directly. What happened was:

  1. CS doesn't know what products potential buyers want to buy (if we have a lot of products).
  2. CS does not know the name of the prospective buyer.
  3. CS does not know the address of the prospective buyer.
  4. CS doesn't know how many pcs potential buyers want to buy.
  5. CS must open and close the wa application to check postage.
  6. CS must manually calculate the total cost to be paid by the prospective buyer.
  7. The business owner does not know for sure how many leads will enter CS.
  8. CS must make a daily report to the business owner how many leads, closings, sales they get every day.
  9. CS must verify the proof of transfer from each buyer.
  10. If you have many CS, the business owner must create many landing pages for each CS.



The solution to all the problems above

Let's see why you should use Ordero

automatic postage calculation

With Ordero CS, you are no longer tired of checking postage, everything is calculated automatically. Not only recorded in the database, shipping & total payments are also sent directly to WA CS.

Support 23 couriers in Indonesia

Ordero supports 23 couriers in Indonesia including: JNE, Tiki, Pos, Lion, SAP, RPX, Jet, Star, ESL, PCP, DSE, Ninja, Pandu, Wahana, SLIS, IDL, SiCepat, JNT, First, REX, Pahala, Light, NCS.

Just choose according to taste. 

Payment without confirmation

Ordero supports automatic payment service without confirmation using API from Moota.

Buyers do not need to confirm payment & upload proof of transfer.

CS does not need to verify proof of transfer.

Even if your online shop has separate admin & CS, then CS doesn't need to know whether the buyer has transferred or not, whether the transfer has been entered or not.

The admin will automatically get a notification via email when the buyer has made a payment & the order status on the admin panel will automatically change to paid off/paid.

To use this feature you must subscribe to the Moota service yourself.

Order details go directly to WA CS

Not only stored in the admin database, order details are also sent to WA CS. When prospective buyers first contact WA CS, what is sent is the order details.

CS work is getting lighter, there is no need to ask for names, quantities purchased, products purchased, addresses, etc.

Higher closing rate.

order recap automatically recorded

With orders, all incoming orders are automatically recorded in the admin panel. Both orders that are waiting for payment, have been paid for, have been sent, or have been sent are all recorded in the admin panel.

CS work can focus more on serving buyer chat. No need to recap orders every afternoon, report to the team leader/owner, etc.

Unlimited CS

Have many CS with different WA numbers? Do not worry. With Ordero you can add all WA CS numbers.

Enough with 1 button buy 1 landing page for all CS. Ordero will randomly distribute traffic to all CS.

unlimited forms/products

You can create as many forms as any product you have.

Multi origin

Are your products still dropshipped from the marketplace? You will really need this multi origin feature.

With Ordero you can set the origin of the delivery city for each product differently.

For example, product A is shipped from Bandung, then product B is shipped from Surabaya, product C is shipped from Jakarta, and so on.


multi courier

Not only can multi origin only. Orders can also be multi-courier. That is, different products, different couriers. Much needed for those of you who dropship from the marketplace.

For example, product A has J&T, JNE, & POS couriers. Product B courier Wahana, JNE, & Ninja. Product C only J&T courier, etc.

Support Facebook, Google & 3rd party pixel

Installing pixel Facebook ads, Google ads and other code from third parties has never been easier.

Support Elementor

With the combination of Ordero + Elementor page builder, you can create forms with various variations. 


Ordero + Elementor

Your Creativity Is The Only Limit

Dropship Ready

Activate the dropship feature to get more resellers for your products.

With this dropship feature, resellers can buy your products to be sent to the destination address with the sender's name being the reseller's name.

Tracking Url

This url tracking feature is very important if you want to scale up your business. Especially for those of you who promote products using paid advertising. Or promote a product through a variety of different media. 

With this url tracking feature you can know for sure which media we should scale up & which we should kill.

Don't get the wrong promotional media that we should scale instead we kill and vice versa. That's the importance of the URL tracking feature.

ByPass Step Confirm Whatsapp

Generally, when a prospective buyer clicks the "contact cs" button on the form, it does not immediately open a WhatsApp chat. But through the confirmation screen first and then the wa chat screen.

With Ordero, there is no confirmation step, so when a potential buyer clicks the "contact cs" button, they immediately open the chat page on WhatsApp.

Fewer steps, more detailed messages, higher automatic conversion rate.

* This feature is only valid if potential buyers access via smartphone. Does not apply if potential buyers access via desktop.

One-click order follow-up according to status

With Ordero you can follow up each lead with one click for each order with different purchase statuses.

Different status, different follow up message. For example, an order with a purchase status that has not been paid, then the follow-up message is different from an order with a paid status.

Follow-up messages can be set using a shortcode. 

Custom Message With Shortcode

We can customize WhatsApp messages according to taste using the available shortcodes. It can feel more personal because we can call names and other purchase details.

Secure customer data

Now is the era of data, whoever has more complete, more, more accurate data is the winner.

Don't let your customer data be stored on someone else's system. We never know where our data is.

Imagine we have a superior product with the most sales, few competitors. Suddenly there is a new competitor and our customers are all turning there. How could that be?

It could be, if the new competitor knows in great detail all your customer data. 

With Ordero all data is stored on your own server, on your own website. No one else knows your customer data. Because ordero is a wordpress plugin that is installed on your own website.

In the form of a plugin, not a theme

What are the advantages of a plugin with a theme?

If it's in the form of a theme, your online store's website will look the same/similar to other online stores that also use the same theme.

What if there are 1000 people who use the same theme? There are 1000's of online shops that look the same!

It will definitely be very bad in the eyes of search engines / Google search engines.

In terms of SEO, the unique value of your online store is not optimal because there are 1000 other websites that are the same as yours.

Different from Order which is in the form of a plugin. You are very flexible, you can use any theme. You can use Elementor too. So every user's online store Order will be unique, no one is the same.

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Some frequently asked questions.
Make sure you read this FAQ before buying!

Yes, we provide complete tutorials in the form of text, images and videos.

If there are difficulties you can contact the support team via email.

There is no. As long as your active membership period has not expired, you can download the latest update for free (if there is an update).

1 license can be used for 1 domain/sub domain.

Can. The license can be transferred to another domain a maximum of once a month.

To move the license to another domain please contact the support team via email.

If you want to activate the auto payment confirmation feature you need to subscribe to the Moota service.

This auto payment confirmation feature can be disabled if you don't want to use it.

Not. Ordero can be used on any theme.

God willing. Our orders are designed as simple as possible so that they can be used easily from beginner to advanced levels.

In addition, if you have difficulties, you can directly contact the support team. The support team will always be ready to help including remote desktop to install if needed.

Ordero is designed to be implemented on all products. If your product can be sold online then you can use Ordero.

Can. We provide a 100% money back guarantee if Ordero cannot be used after our support team remotely helps.

If you are in doubt, please try the trial version first.

Request for refund max 1 week after purchase.

Yes, especially for Ordero Supreme users, not for the free version.

You will get a link to join the group. 

Need help?

Our team is ready to help you. Please submit a support ticket to our support team via the button below.

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