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Keyword Generator Pro

The Most Complete Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research for SEO abandoned keywords, long tail keywords, google playstore, amazon, ebay, youtube, google images and many more!!

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Wow... this is the part that I'm really lazy about when it's time to launch a new product... make a landing page!!

Well, come on, maybe you can just watch the demo video, I don't need to explain at length, right?

The point is this is a tool to find thousands of keywords. Initially, I made it to support the concept SEO abandoned keywords which will later be applied to Post Generator Pro and Auto Wall Pro. But still you can use this KGP for other purposes because this KGP can scrape keyword ideas from many sources such as google (support each country), google news, google shopping, google books, google video, youtube, google images, yahoo, bing, amazon , ebay, google playstore, and many more.. just check it yourself

Demo Keyword Generator Pro

The video below explains how KGP works, what are its features, what are its advantages over other keyword scraper tools.

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