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8617++ entrepreneurs use Pakarbot tools to jump-start their online business.

Enjoy the most complete IG tools that you can operate while lying down, starting from auto follow, auto unfollow, auto like, auto dm (direct message), bulk username checker, auto post & repost bot for instagram, etc.


Instagram bot to make it easier for you to manage your account without getting tired.

Simple & User Friendly

Our IG Pro design is as simple and easy as possible for even beginners to use. For example, to use the auto follow follower bot you only need to enter the target account username, then one click the bot will automatically work itself.

Affordable prices

IG Pro is sold as a separate bot modular model. You can buy only the bots you need, for example auto follow/unfollow, or just bulk username checkers. That way you only buy what you really need.

Human Like

Our IG Pro is designed as closely as possible to human activities in general when using Instagram. Scroll the screen, click buttons, etc., exactly the same when you do these activities.

Chrome Profile Adoption

IG Pro is able to adopt the chrome browser profile that you use to access Instagram. That way, it's as if you're the one accessing the tool instead of the tool.

Your data is safe

IG Pro is installed on your own PC. There is no Instagram credential data that you need to input/send to us.

Dedicated Support Team

We dedicate a special team to support if you experience difficulties. Support with the email ticketing system so that it is hoped that your problems can be quickly resolved and traceable.

Unlimited Instagram Accounts

You can use IG Pro for whatever Instagram account you have.

Multi Language

The IG Pro user interface is available in Indonesian and English.

What tools does IG Pro provide?

Please select what Instagram automation tool you need from the list below. Buy only the bots you need. More efficient.

IG PRO - Auto follow follower & Auto unfollow

In this Instagram follow/unfollow bot there are 2 menus. Auto Follow followers and auto unfollow.

auto follow followers

With this bot you can get targeted real followers very easily. You just need to find an Instagram account that has followers in the same niche as your target audience. With one click we can follow all the followers of the account. Some of them will definitely follow us back.

auto Unfollow

With this bot, we can mass unfollow all the accounts we've followed with just one click.

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IG PRO - Username Availability Checker

This Instagram username checker bot is used to search for Instagram usernames that are still not used en masse. What are the benefits for? Watch the video below.

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IG PRO - Auto Like

This Instagram auto like bot is used to automatically and periodically like random feeds that appear on your Instagram homepage/timeline.

Coming Soon

This module is still under development.

IG PRO - Mass Scheduled Posting

This Instagram mass scheduled posting bot is used to create a large number of periodic posts at once using the spintax format. So that you just write once can be many statuses.

Coming Soon

This module is still under development.


Some frequently asked questions.
Make sure you read this FAQ before buying!

IG Pro is a desktop software that runs on the Windows operating system. Minimum recommendation of 4GB RAM.

IG Pro is designed to be as close as possible to the way humans in general work on Instagram. So for Instagram account security, it also depends on us how to optimize the use of IG Pro.

There is no limit, please use it for whatever Instagram account you have.

1 license can only be installed on 1 computer/RDP. You are allowed to move the license to another computer by requesting to the support team.

This application can only be run on the Windows operating system. With system requirements as below.

Minimum requirements:
– Free usage of RAM 500MB

Optimum requirements:
– Free 1GB RAM usage

Installed the latest version of chrome.

You might be able to run it on linux or mac os on top of a windows emulator like wine etc. But we have never tried this. There is no guarantee if you run it on a non windows OS.

IG Pro is a windows desktop application that can't be run on a cellphone.

You might be able to run it on linux or mac os on top of a windows emulator like wine etc. But we have never tried this. There is no guarantee if you run it on a non windows OS.

Of course. We will refund you 100% if within 7 days try you can't install or the app doesn't work as promised in the demo above.


In addition to being an affiliate partner to get a sales commission, you can also sell an IG Pro license or make it a bonus for purchasing products from other vendors.

Please note, support is only given to you as a license buyer. Your client does not get support from us.

Of course. Support is done using a ticketing system. If there is a problem you can ask the support team for help by contacting us via the contact us button at the bottom of this page.

There is a facebook group, no wa group. Facebook group is a forum to discuss fellow members. Not a support group.

Need help?

Our team is ready to help you. Please submit a support ticket to our support team via the button below.

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