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Forget the boncos!!! forget SEO!!!


All in one facebook automation tools.

The first and only Facebook bot/tool to support SPINTAX and SHORTCODE.

The time has come for you to be able to collect highly targeted potential buyers more easily without advertising costs.
The time has come for your Facebook to be able to interact automatically with potential buyers.

Are you an internet marketer? olshop/dropshipper? affiliate marketer? freelance? political party timings?
Whatever your business, if it can be promoted through facebook you must try facebook.

Facebook For Digital Marketing

Why should Facebook be a medium for digital marketing for your business?

Why should you start using Facebook as a promotional medium for your business? This surprising statement became the answer, "In 2015 Facebook was influenced 52 per cent of consumers' online and offline purchases, up from 36 per cent in 2014. (Source: thedrum.com)". In 2015 Facebook affected online and offline sales by 52%, up from the previous 36% in 2014.

Another surprising fact is that almost all internet users in Indonesia, which number 143 million people, have a Facebook account.

statistic pengguna facebook di indoneisa
96% internet users in Indonesia have a facebook account

From these 2 facts alone as a businessman you will definitely not waste the opportunity to promote your products or services through Facebook.

Want even more surprising data?

Data from lyfemarketing.com shows that 49% people with the age range 18-29 bought after seeing the promotion of the product on Facebook, while 77% millennials bought both online and offline after seeing the promotion on Facebook.

persentase penggunaan media sosial untuk bisnis
percentage of social media usage for business

Hear what they say

What people say

5000 potential buyers

With facebot you can get 5000 targeted customers AUTOMATICALLY quickly and easily

Did you know 1 facebook account can accommodate 5000 friends list?!

Now imagine if those 5000 friends list are people who are very enthusiastic or interested in your product. Then the same means that you have 5000 potential customers who are ready to buy your product/service.

For example, you have a facial whitening product, for example, cream syahrini. Then you see a fanpage or group or other people's status about Pevita cream, and it turns out that there are lots of fans, many like and comments want to buy it.

Now…. those who are interested in buying Pevita cream, it's very potential, they will also be interested in buying your syahrini cream, right?

Why don't we just make them friends? if they become your facebook friends it means you have a database of 5000 potential customers for your syahrini cream! that's just 1 facebook account. What if you have 2 facebook accounts? You have collected 10 thousand potential customers. We call this a fish pond that is ready to be harvested at any time.

eat - sleep - do

Request friendship & interaction to 5000 friends manually? yes tired!! boss just sleep let facebot take care of it!!

Must be tired if everything has to be manual! imagine you request a friend to 5000 people manually. After getting 5000 friends? You still have to update your status every day so that engagement with 5000 friends is maintained. Want to do everything manually? Can curl fingers.

Just use facebook!! With facebot you can do all that very easily, just one click.

Facebot has many features, ranging from auto status updates on personal walls, groups, fanpages, sending messages to all friendship lists, adding friends to everyone who comments or likes a status, and many other features. You can see the full features below.

Your wild ideas as a businessman will surely emerge after seeing these Facebook features.

Spintax & Shortcodes

The only and the first Facebook tool that supports spintax & shortcodes at once. Spintax & shortcode is a feature that is also used in Post Generator Pro which has been used by thousands of online businesses. Now adopted on facebook. You can learn more about spintax here. While the shortcode is the code that we provide to call certain functions. Check out the videos on each feature below for more details.


Act Like Human

When carrying out its functions, facebot behaves exactly like humans when interacting with Facebook, namely opening the browser, logging in, clicking on buttons, scrolling, and typing. So that Facebook will find it difficult to distinguish whether your Facebook is controlled by humans or robots.

Random Delay

Every BOT from facebot is equipped with a delay feature that you can set the value. And every delay feature automatically, the system from facebot will add another delay randomly between 1-60 seconds to make facebot more natural. Suppose your BOT auto update status set the delay for status updates every 5 minutes. Then automatically facebot will add a random number to the delay. So later for the second status will be posted for example after 5 minutes and 30 seconds, then the third status will be posted after 5 minutes and 3 seconds, and so on.

Multi-Account Support

Have multiple Facebook accounts? no need to worry, you just have to choose which account you want to use. You can manage everything from 1 facebot application.

facebook multi account management

Auto Update Status

Use features Auto Update Status from facebot to automatic status updates and increase engagement with your facebook friend lists. This feature support spintax. You just have to write a status once in spintax format, facebot will convert it into many different statuses according to spintax. Watch this video for more details.

Multi Account Status Update

Have a lot of facebook accounts but never updated because of keteteran? With this feature in one click you can update all your Facebook accounts with different statuses.

Have you ever seen when the election campaign was busy, there were so many accounts posting statuses with the exact same sentence up to the semicolon? Yes, those are accounts driven by the presidential candidates or what we are more familiar with as the "rice packs". Unfortunately, they are still manual and only know how to copy – paste – post so that the entire status is the same all the way up to the semicolon.

Imagine if you are a timses of a certain couple and use facebot for social media campaigns, how much rice wrap can you save every day? and of course with better results because each status will have a different sentence. And lighter work with just one click.

This feature support spintax. Watch this video for more details.

Auto Comment Timeline

Use features Auto Comment Timeline from facebot to interact automatically commenting with the statuses that appear on your timeline. This feature support spintax. Watch this video for more details.

Auto Like Timeline

Use features Auto Like Timeline from facebot to automatically like the statuses that appear on your timeline. Watch this video for more details.

Auto Update Group

Use features Auto Update Group from facebot to automatically post status in your groups or groups you follow. This feature support spintax.Watch this video for more details.

Auto Update Page

Use features Auto Update Page from facebot to automatically post status on fanpage. This feature support spintax. Watch this video for more details.

Send Message To All Friends

Use this feature to send messages to all your friend lists. This feature support spintax & shortcode.Watch this video for more details.

Send Message To Group Members

Use this feature to send messages to members of a group. This feature support spintax & shortcode.Watch this video for more details.

Send Message To Post Commentators

This feature is very dangerous! Why is it dangerous? Just imagine when you find a status or fb ad with lots of comments, you can send messages to all these commenters with this feature.

Please don't misuse this feature. If the ad that you find has the exact same product as yours, don't send your commenters an offer of the same product at a lower price. Unethical!! Use it to offer products that are as niche as possible.

This feature support spintax & shortcode.Watch this video for more details.

Send Message To Post Likers

The features of facebot are quite terrible!

With this feature you can send messages to all likers (people who like) a status, fanpage/group posts, even Facebook ads.

For example, if you find a fb ad that has a lot of likes, then you can send a message to the liker in the ad. Have you figured it out?? Horrible right? Those who advertise you also get the audience without a bonus!

This feature support spintax & shortcode.Watch this video for more details.

Disadvantages: This feature still has a drawback, namely when the number of likers is in the thousands, not all likers will be detected. This is because Facebook does not show all the thousands of likes. But even so the number that was detected was quite a lot. You won't be able to do it manually.

Add Friend All Post Likers

Features that are not less crazy with the previous features. You find a status or fb ad with a lot of likes? send friend requests to all of these likers with this feature. You can get 5000 friends with highly targeted interests very easily without having to spend any advertising costs at all.

Watch this video for more details.

Disadvantages: This feature still has a drawback, namely when the number of likers is in the thousands, not all likers will be detected. This is because Facebook does not show all the thousands of likes. But even so the number that was detected was quite a lot. You won't be able to do it manually.

Add Friend All Post Commentators

Again a very dangerous feature!!

With this feature you can send friend requests to all commenters on a post/status, either posts from people or posts from a fanpage/fb ad.

if in the intro video on the landing page there is a tag line FORGET BONCOS, really forget about boncos!

How come? To collect a pool according to your sales target, all you have to do is look for a niche fanpage or Facebook ad. Look for the one with the most comments. after that all commenters send friend requests. done!


Weaknesses: This feature cannot be implemented if there is no comment field like the one below. facebot

Cancel All Friend Request Sent

Have you sent a friend request but nothing has been accepted? After a certain limit you will no longer be able to send friend requests unless you cancel the friend request that you have previously sent. Use this feature to cancel all those friend requests in one click. Watch this video for more details.

Message To All Friend Request Sent

Have you sent a friend request but nothing has been accepted? Use this feature to message all friend requests that you have sent with a single click. This feature support spintax & shortcode. Watch this video for more details.

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Frequently asked questions

Facebot is a tool/bot to make it easier for you to manage your facebook account automatically.

Facebot is good for anyone who wants to use Facebook as an online promotion medium. Both experts and beginners.

Facebot can only be run on the Windows operating system. With system requirements as below.

Minimum requirements:
– Free usage of RAM 500MB

Optimum requirements:
– Free 1GB RAM usage

You might be able to run it on linux or mac os on top of a windows emulator like wine etc. But we have never tried this. There is no guarantee if you run it on a non windows OS.

Facebot is made as closely as possible to human behavior when operating Facebook. However, it is possible that Facebook is able to detect that your activities are controlled by BOTs.

We are not responsible if your facebook account is suspended, blocked, or other things that harm your facebook account.

Can. There is no limit to how many devices can be installed. The license is only tied to the facebook account, not the device.

Yes. You can take advantage of the refund facility at the previous point for a trial. Please make a purchase as usual, then you try to your heart's content. If you are not satisfied, please ask for a refund. Whatever your reasons, as long as it's still within the guarantee period, we will refund 100%. It means the same as you have tried it for free.

To ensure the quality of Facebot services continues to run well, supported by monthly operational and maintenance costs, we implement a SaaS system (Software as a Service / software-based service) where you subscribe every certain period to be able to use Facebot.

Cashback is not in the form of cash but in the form of a discount coupon of the promised value. Discount coupons can be used to purchase Post Generator Pro and Auto Wall Pro.

No need to worry. Facebot can be easily used even by those of you who are clueless.

Facebot is software in the form of a Windows desktop application.

1 facebot license is tied to 1 account.

Can I change my facebook account in the middle of the road? Yes, can. You are allowed to change your facebook account once every 3 days.

To change your facebook account, please request via the helpdesk menu by sending a new license number and facebook email.

Changing our facebook account is done manually. So there is a maximum time delay of 24 hours for you to be able to use Facebot with a new Facebook account.

Not. Facebot does not depend on the API from Facebook.

Can. We provide a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Facebook without question.

Refund/warranty valid for 7 days after purchase. More than that there is no longer a warranty.

Try your facebook immediately after getting access.

Yes. The computer must be on continuously during the process. Cannot be in a state of death or sleep.

Use a VPS/Windows server/RDP if you want to run facebot 24 hours a day for a few days so that your laptop or computer doesn't get damaged from being on all the time.

Should not. You are not allowed to sell Facebook illegally. If you want to sell facebot, please become an affiliate partner of PakarBOT. You will get a commission every time there is a sale from your affiliate link. Affiliate registration link is at the bottom of this page.

There is no ivory that is not cracked. We try to make facebook as good as possible but flaws are bound to exist. Here are some bugs/lack of facebot detected so far.

  • For features that take advantage of likers & commenters, sometimes the number of likes/comments detected is less than what is listed on Facebook.
  • For features that take advantage of members of a group/fanpage sometimes the number of members detected by Facebook is less than the actual number of members shown by Facebook.

Other bugs / deficiencies that have not been detected by us may still exist.

Facebook and Facebook Logo are brand assets and trademark of Facebook, Inc.
facebot is not in partnership, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Inc.