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Delmicron Pro: How to Use the Deep Scrape Feature

Delmicron pro's deep scrape feature is used to scrape (get) data from all your Facebook friends in more detail than fast scrape.

Data collected by running this deep scrape feature:

  1. Name: the name of the owner of the facebook account
  2. Url: facebook profile url
  3. Mutual: the number of mutual friends
  4. Followers: number of followers/followers
  5. Friends: number of friends
  6. Last Timeline: the date the timeline was last updated
  7. Friend Since: date you started making friends
  8. Last Post In Common: the last date the friend tagged you
  9. Last Chat: the last date the friend chatted with you
  10. Works: your friend's work data
  11. Education: your friends' education data
  12. Current City: city where you currently live
  13. Hometown: hometown
  14. Birthday: your friend's birthday
  15. Gender: gender
  16. ReligiousView: religious views of your friends
  17. Interested In: your friend's sexual orientation
  18. languages: the language your friends use
  19. politival Views: your friends' political views
  20. Relationship: relationship/marital status
  21. Address: address
  22. IG: your friend's Instagram account
  23. Email: your friend's email
  24. Youtube: your friend's youtube channel
  25. TikTok: your friends' TikTok accounts
  26. Phone: your friend's phone number
  27. Desc: other information (if any)

ATTENTION!! The deep scrape feature takes longer than the fast scrape. We recommend doing a deep scrape per 100 accounts with a default delay.

If you want a faster process, please minimize the delay, but at the risk of your Facebook account being subject to greater restrictions/penalties.

Watch this video for how to use deep scrape feature on delmicron pro