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Cara Cepat Page One Google Cuma 6 Menit

Cara Cepat Page One Google Cuma 6 Menit – Jadi kemarin bantuin optimasi pemasaran online untuk proyek client. Alhamdulillah, gak pakai lama setiap kata kunci dalam hitungan menit sudah page one, halaman 1 Google semua tanpa website, tanpa ribet backlink, dll. Rata-rata ada di urutan no 1. Kok bisa? Gimana caranya?

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Tips for playing TGP with a new Youtube account by Agung Arifin

Tips for playing Tube Generator Pro (TGP) with a new Youtube account by Agung Arifin

Maybe this is a short tip who knows, I just tried it on 29 new youtube accounts and it went smoothly...

1. Verify Youtube via Mobile Youtube, Login to the youtube app from the mobile then verify.

2. Different Video Duration.
Often, if you use TGP, you make, for example, 100 videos of the same duration. I usually break my keywords into 20 keywords per group, so for example 100 keywords then I split into 5 groups.
Each group has a different number of images to make a video, so the duration of the video will not be the same at all.
Actually, when we generate videos, we can set different slide times so that the video time can be different. But by reducing or adding images per group, it's easier for me.

3. Because the account is still empty, at the beginning of the video, try to upload a video that has sound. Music is okay too, if I make using my cellphone, there are about 5 videos for the beginning of each account, chattering about the products being sold, sometimes I video-videoize my screen. If there is a real product, try to make a video of the real product.

4. Subscribe to niche channels. Can foreign channels can be domestic. And try to watch the videos too. Minimum subscribe to 10 channels if I'm per account. And I usually log in via mobile or cellphone, for manual likes and comments.

5. Silence the account for a week first, with the video notes in step 3 going first. don't immediately beat the upload. For 1 week, we can prepare to generate videos2 for derived keywords.

6. If you have time, use a new account to like, or comment, don't use links or spam. This is from the chrome profile.

7. After 1 week, slowly play each group. A day a maximum of 20 videos per account. Until the main keywords are all uploaded.

8. If you have a tier 2 website, or a main website, don't forget to embed the TGP videos on the website as well. I noticed, if we embed it into the website, a google image search will also come out.

9. What should be avoided when using a new account is, if possible, do not create the same niche or keywords, each account must be in a different niche. Because I've had 2 accounts, even though the videos are different, but the keywords are the same.

10. The above, is how I play for a new account and it works for me now. I'm also a beginner in YouTube. So if there is input, or the wrong way can be added in the comments column, yes.

Bakarrrr !!!

tips from uncle Agung Arifin, original article can be seen here

Instructions for Use of Tube Generator Pro

Before you start installing and using Tube Generator Pro (TGP) make sure you have read the following instructions for use.

If you have problems using TGP, make sure you look for a solution here first before contacting support team to ask for help.

  1. How to install TGP
    – Install/update the latest chrome browser
    – Close chrome browser if any
    – Click this link (If you are using chrome see how here
    Watch the following video for more details
  2. Download file .zip versi terbaru
  3. Extract kemudian jalankan file login.exe

    Sebelum Anda mulai menggunakan TGP pastikan akun youtube Anda sudah diset ke bahasa inggris
  4. How to activate the full version
  5. How to activate the trial version
  6. How to use the generate videos feature on TGP
    To generate video recommendations per generate a maximum of 100 videos
  7. Trick to upload hundreds of videos to youtube with TGP
  8. How to fill chrome profile path
  9. How to get profile path
  10. Cara mengisi chrome binary location lihat video here
  11. How to use the mass upload videos feature on TGP
  12. How to upload to another channel (2nd channel, etc.) ->
  13. How to create a new chrome profile (2, 3, etc.)
  14. How to view a list of shortcodes
  15. How to add custom shortcode
  16. Cara menggunakan fitur multi channel uploads
  17. Cara membuat enter (baris baru/paragraf) pada deskripsi youtube gunakan tanda $ pada deskripsi Anda.
    Ini adalah kalimat pertama$
    Ini kalimat yang kedua$
    Ini paragraf kedua
    Setiap anda ingin membuat enter maka gunakan tanda $. Video tutorial menyusul
  18. How to open a .csv report file
  19. Tips menaikan limit upload harian di Youtube
  20. An error message / warning appears "You are not logged in to youtube. Please login to then close all opened chrome browser after it.” or “You are not logged in to youtube. Please login to then close all chrome browsers if you have."
  21. An error/warning message appears "please close all opened chrome, end process chromedriver.exe, then restart TGP" or "Close all chrome, end process chromedriver.exe in task manager then restart Tube Generator Pro"
  22. An error/warning message appears “please close all opened chrome, end process chromedriver.exe, then restart TGP…. this version of chromedriver only support chrome version xx…."Please update chromedriver then run step no 13. How to update chromedriver:
    – Download the chromedriver that matches your chrome version here, how to see chrome version type chrome://version/ in your chrome browser
    – Extract the downloaded file earlier to c:\tgp
    – Run step no 13 then restart TGP and run it again
    For more details, please watch the video here
  23. The number of videos generated does not match the number of shortcodes
    For example, the number of shortcodes for the city of Sumatra is 260, when you generate a video it only produces 180 videos. How come?
    This is normal, not an error. If you are not satisfied with the amount generated, you can click the apply button several times until satisfied.
    The algorithm of TGP is to generate a random list of spintax/shortcode 100,000x and then delete the same list. So there is a possibility that the same city is generated several times, or there is a city that has not been generated at all.
    What's the solution? There is no other solution than before generating your video, make sure after clicking the apply button you are quite satisfied with the number of videos that will be generated.
  24. The error “Could not remove old devtools port file. Perhaps the given user-data-dir at C:\Users\bla..bla…bla is still attached to a running Chrome or Chromium process”
  • Update chrome to the latest version. Then try the TGP again. If it's still the same error then proceed to the second solution below.
  • Create a new profile, how here
    Don't forget, after creating a new profile, the profile path changes
  1. Getting the message "The server has rejected the file. Please follow these steps and upload the file again. "from youtube when uploading video
    This usually happens because the filename contains characters such as commas, aphostrophes, or accents. As much as possible when generating a video, the title that is entered is only letters and numbers.
    Uninstall all installed chrome addons if any.
    Turn off all antivirus, anti spy, and the like.
    If you've done all of the above but the error still appears like the one above, we can't help much. Only YouTube knows the reason.
    Just generate again with different pictures and keywords then upload it if it still doesn't work, try changing to another channel or another youtube account.
  2. Drip upload stuck / stopped, doesn't want to continue uploading to the next video, follow the method here

List of Tube Generator Pro Shortcodes

The following is a list of shortcodes that you can use in the application Tube Generator Pro

  • [title] – Used to call the title
  • All the shortcodes listed in the directory c:\tgp\shortcodes
    Called by [file_name], for example:

    You can add your own shortcode list in the above folder.

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kataman expertbot program: 100% free TGP full version 6 months

Those who want the TGP full version for 6 months, please join this "kataman expertbot" program, guys

What is the "kataman expertbot" program?

Every participant who registers will be invited to the wa group.

Each participant is required to deposit 4 sheets of reading after every prayer using live audio wa during the month of Ramadan. So at the end of Ramadan you say 1 Quran.

Every week you will be given free access to the full version of TGP for 7 days for those who deposit readings every day without holes

Everyone who gets the full version free tgp 7 days later at the end of Ramadan will get tgp for free x 1 month. Confused? same wkwk

Look, for example, you report every day without holes during Ramadan. That means you can get free TGP for 4 weeks. It means that at the end of Ramadan, you can get free tgp again as much as 4 x 1 month = 4 months. So a total of 5 months. Plus, for those who make it full 4 weeks, get another 1 month bonus. So a total of 6 months.

For example, in your second week there is a hole. That means you get free tgp 3 x 1 week. So, at the end of Ramadan, it means that you will get another bonus of 3 x 1 month = 3 months. So a total of 4 months.

What are the conditions?
1. Can read the Quran
2. Register for free expertbot member (for those who don't have it) here
3. Join the wag here
4. Register here

The program will start if there are min 5 registrants.
Starting tomorrow morning...

Please share if this program is useful… Hopefully you will get a good reward


update 5/6/2019 5AM

The program has already started and is already on deposit.

deposit procedure

Terms/deposit procedures are as follows

How to activate Tube Generator Pro trial license

[please scroll down for english version]

How to activate the Tube Generator Pro trial license

  1. Register an expertbot account (FREE) if you don't have one via this link
  2. Install Tube Generator Pro.
    See the video how to install in the resource menu > TGP > readme or this link
  3. Run TGP (close chrome browser if present). See how to run TGP
  4. Enter the license code "trialpakarbot


How to activate Tube Generator Pro trial version

  1. Register for an expertbot account (FREE) here
  2. Install Tube Generator Pro.
    See how to install TGP video on menu “resource > TGP > readme” or click this link
  3. Run TGP (close all your opened chrome browser if any). See how to run TGP here
  4. Enter "trialpakarbot” as license key