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Affiliate ToolTik Material: Email Swipe & Copywriting

Get affiliate commission up to 50% by promoting ToolTik. Please use this copywriting & email swipe to promote ToolTik via email/social media.

Please copy and paste the copywriting below to your social media, replace the affiliate link with your affiliate link.

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Copywriting 1

Want your TikTok videos to be FYP? Follow this schedule

From the data collected by Marketing Hub, it turns out that so that TikTok videos have a greater chance of FYP, there are posting schedules.

Here are the schedules for posting TikTok videos to enter FYP

  • Monday: 09.00 WIB, 17.00 WIB, 21.00 WIB.
  • Tue: 13.00 WIB, 15.00 WIB, 20.00 WIB.
  • Wednesday: 18.00 WIB, 19.00 WIB, 22.00 WIB.
  • Thursday: 06.00 WIB, 20.00 WIB, 23.00 WIB.
  • Friday: 16.00 WIB, 24.00 WIB, 02.00 WIB.
  • Saturday: 06.00 WIB, 07.00 WIB, 22.00 WIB.
  • Sunday: 03.00 WIB, 18.00 WIB, 19.00 WIB.

The problem is, do you have to wait for posts at those hours? If you can wait patiently, please.

But if I use the tool, I can post 10, 20 videos at once for the next few days and the hours can be set according to what we want.

20 videos posted for the next few days even though the laptop is off and we are on vacation. Isn't that cool?

Just try the tool yourself here [your affiliate link] if you want. While there is a discount promo today.

Copywriting 2

Finally able to scrape/retrieve all video data from a certain TikTok user in one click.

This tool is really good..

Want to try? check it out here [your affiliate link]

Copywriting 3

Why didn't I use this tool in the first place? Scrape dozens of TikTok videos based on specific keywords. Excellent! Got all the data already..

Want to try it too? Check here [your affiliate link]

Copywriting 4

Here's how to download lots of tiktok videos without a watermark based on keywords in one click

Download many TikTok videos based on certain keywords and remove the watermark (tiktok logo & channel name) in one click...

wow this tool is really good..

Want to try the tool? Kindly PM...

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Copywriting 5

How to quickly fill youtube content without making your own video

Using this method, you will not run out of content ideas for any niche YouTube channel. I'm not tired of making my own videos. It's very easy, just follow these steps.

  1. Scrape video data on TikTok based on certain keywords or videos from specific users using this tool [your ToolTik affiliate link]
  2. Download all videos + remove the watermark in one click using the same tool as in point 1
  3. Just upload all the videos to the youtube channel using this tool [your TGP affiliate link]

Done.. have a good rest

Copywriting 6

Only 3/2/1 days left….

The 12.12 promo is the most powerful tiktok tool I've ever used.

  • Can scrape all videos from certain users, or from certain keywords.
  • Can download all videos in 1 click + remove the watermark at once.
  • Can post scheduled many videos at once for the next few days at certain hours.

So great…

Just a suggestion, it's better to secure the promo price now... the problem can be paid tomorrow. Go here, yes [your affiliate link]