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Affiliate Insight Expertbot 2021: How To Get More Commissions

Friends, this is data for the 2021 period.

This is data that explains that users who sign up as an affiliate of an expertbot, on average 75,78% end up buying an expertbot product.


What does it mean?

So friends, you can offer this expertbot affiliate system to potential buyers. If there are buyers who sign up for the expertbot affiliate system, it is possible that based on the data above 75,78% they will eventually buy the expertbot product.

Of course, when they buy, friends still get a commission.

My prediction is that this affiliate system offer will get bigger clicks considering that the shopee affiliate system is currently booming.

Friends, you can use the following angles to offer an expertbot affiliate system:

1. commission up to 50%, compare with shopee commission which is only 2.5%
2. Hybrid recuring commission system
3. Sign up for free products and get a commission
4. Shopee affiliate commission (max 10k rupiah) vs expertbot affiliate commission
5. Promotion once, commission many times
6. Promotion of product A, user buys product A and gets a commission. user buys product B again gets commission again. in shopee only get commission from product A only.

How to get an aff link for the promotion of the expertbot affiliate system see the image below

Happy gassing.. prepare a big pillow, okay.. the commission will slide under the pillow every Monday.

Affiliate Post Generator Pro Material: Email Swipe & Copywriting

Get affiliate commission up to 50% by promoting Post Generator Pro. Please use this copywriting & email swipe to promote PGP via email/social media.

Please copy and paste the copywriting below to your social media, replace the affiliate link with your affiliate link.

You can see details & other affiliate materials such as banners, etc. here

If you haven't joined the expertbot affiliate program, please register for free here

Copywriting 1

Most lazy if you have to update web content every day.

Even though content is like Google's food.

If the website wants to get a lot of traffic, it must have a lot of unique content and it is updated every day.

Alhamdulillah... since using [your aff link] now just write once, just click, it's already thousands of unique content for the next 1 year...

Great… just focus on selling!

Copywriting 2

In the past, SEO was really complicated...

  • You have to analyze the keywords one by one, look for the one with the highest search but the lowest competition.. The price for the analysis tool is also expensive!
  • You have to look for backlinks that are pyramid models… tier 1,2,3 models… from high da/pa… do-follow, no-follow… so many percentages for keywords and non-keywords…. until dizzy!
  • Haven't updated unique content every day.. Beh this is the most lazy...

So when are you going to sell it? Just make SEO-in, that's a lot to do!

But thank God ... since installing PGP ( there is no need to be complicated anymore as above. Just write once and then click so thousands of unique content for a year.

No need to look for backlinks anymore... no need to look for good keywords anymore because all keywords are cleared out!

It's really great… can focus more on selling now, not focus on SEO… satisfied with the purchase

Copywriting 3

What is the budget for your olshop SEO-in?

In the past, almost all of the profits were used up for SEO-in olshop..

How can it not end...

every 2 keyword optimization costs 2-3 million..
3 months warranty page one.

After 3 months? Yes.. at least last until a few more months..
Must be optimized again… out of cost again

It's better if the keywords that we optimize have a high conversion rate..
Very often the keywords that we initially predicted would generate a lot of sales, once it was successful on page one it turned out to be zonk!!
Just bring in traffic, no conversion to sales… city loss!

But that was then… sweet memories hehe.. It's fun to remember

Now you don't have to spend per keyword anymore...

Since using [your aff link] once tens of thousands of keywords beat all with unique content..

Want a keyword that has a lot of searches or a keyword that only has 1 search per month, just beat it...

Want high-competition keywords or low-competition keywords, just beat it...

Thank God… every day until I'm tired I reply to chats from visitors who want to buy!

Very good ... recommended!

Copywriting 4

Fadly try to generate content using [your aff link] to promote products that are not actually ready...

Eh busyettt... every day there are so many people who call until they are tired of picking them up...

The problem is the product is not ready yet..

Genuine… this is just a try, actually, that's why the product is not ready yet. but why are there so many calls?

So I'm sorry.. Why don't I just apply it to my finished product... oh well..

Copywriting 5

It's super cool - already used .....

Sometimes 1 website can appear 2x on the first page of Google for just 1 keyword...

original [your aff link] steady!

Copywriting 6

Alhamdulillah it's really really cool mak jozzzzz.....

In 5 hours can generate 32,000 posts with kw according to the title

Even in 1 KW, try to test, you can book on the full page… this makes me amazed and surprised

[reply to every comment/PM with your aff link]

Copywriting 7

Until now I still use [your aff link] I bought this since 2017.

Those who want to buy can click the link above, if you're still confused about how to use it, I'll teach you later

Copywriting 8

Very cool, my olshop can get 20 chats a day from 1 web result [your aff link]
Want to try adsense using this method, hehe...

Copywriting 9

My friend: Wow, 200 chats are crazy. What sale? Using fb ads?

No... register people grab it, just use the article spin capital [your aff link]

Copywriting 10

Adsense today IDR 224,680 … Alhamdulillah…

Thanks again for [your aff link], PGP is amazing!

Copywriting 11

Original [your aff link] That is cool…

I already have a team to maximize it. But I'm confused about giving the test.. It's so cool hehe

Testimonial from one user [your aff link]

Copywriting 12

Blessing [your aff link] can buy a house in no time .. Best SEO software so far!

Testimonial from one user [your aff link]

Copywriting 13

Blessing [your aff link] I can buy hosting for 2 million rupiah, I can buy my wife's cellphone, I can get orders to make a decent website, sell Bragg apple cider vinegar, and many more.

In the past, 50 thousand hosting subscriptions were often suspended because they couldn't afford to pay… Thank God, thank God

Testimonial from one user [your aff link]

Copywriting 14

Able to…. WL…. The difference between uppercase and lowercase letters seems to have an effect

BTW thank you [your aff link] solid support!

The plugin is really OK….

Thank God, many people ask me about my sales because of this plugin….

Testimonial from one user [your aff link]

Copywriting 15

I bought [your aff link] one year, I've returned my investment and profit many times

Testimonial from one user [your aff link]

Copywriting 16

From the beginning, I didn't like joining many WA groups... because I was lazy to type and really lazy to hold on to things that weren't important... just made me dizzy :p

Now… this cellphone doesn't stop ringing…
You know, online traders, it's a waste of time to stay... just pee while carrying your henpong...
Answer the one who asks this... that's that...

Testimonial from one user [your aff link]

Copywriting 17

HPK for fresh domains

Fresh domains are indeed difficult to compete in the SERP with KW HPK,

But with this method the competition becomes easier, thank you [your aff link]

Copywriting 18

Woww… currently indexed 5,160 pages of posts from 5,174 have been posted,

whereas usually only 30% s/s 40% of the total posts.

[your aff link] really really good...

Copywriting 19

Thank you, bro, from this tool I can sell hundreds of products that I market through seo. [your aff link] cool!

Copywriting 20

"Hehehe…. Gpp om... yesterday someone helped in the pgp group

Alhamdulilah, the result is great...

My wife's cactus sales are smooth, it's helped by the pgp promotion...
And it's so powerful to target all sub-districts throughout Greater Indonesia, many are asking for COD"

Testimonial of a member [your aff link] , selling cactus online through SEO

Copywriting 21

Articles get stuck everywhere… stray to urban villages in Bandung and Cimahi wkwkwk…

It's fate... now I'm taking delivery for my wife's online rice cone business

WL [your aff link] maybe keep my kitchen bubbling

Testimonial from one of the members [your aff link] who sells rice cone online SEO capital

Copywriting 22

Ok siip...thank you [your aff link] really cool… most of my clients are quite satisfied… can come up with leads for sales

Testimonial of one of the members who opened SEO services using [your aff link]

Copywriting 23

This is a true story..

Have you ever tried selling on a whim whose products are not ready to test this tool [your aff link], until I turned off the cellphone number because there were so many people calling.

Copywriting 24

Expertbot products are always jos gandos...

I just used it… thank God… customers keep coming… especially if I'm already using the yt version…

It's getting more and more difficult to pick up the phone... haha... thank you, bro... always success

Testimonial from one user [your aff link]

Copywriting 25

"Alhamdulillah, the results of the PGP, uncle

Per category, thousands of articles, want to generate again for new categories
There have been many benefits and results from pgp, omg, I'm already addicted hehe...

Wow, the benefits and results of PGP are true, I have been using PGP for 5 months, I used to use 1 regular shared hosting, now I use 6 vps, 1 DS, now there are 6 employees alone, only this month I want to focus on playing adsense.

THANK YOU SO MUCH OM, because I know exactly that you are not selling PGP, but you are sharing knowledge and sharing opportunities and opportunities for many people...
thank you omg"

Testimonial from one user [your aff link]

Copywriting 26

WL, [your aff link] feels good, for selling online, adsense, cpa, amazon, etc...
Still confused why [your aff link] can be cheap compared to the extraordinary benefits

Copywriting 27

No screenshot needed
Yesterday just shared on status
Now three Adsense accounts have been obtained thanks to using articles from PGP
The third one is to register using a custom domain blogspot
It only takes 2 days to be fully accepted by Adsense
No tips, no tricks
Create a blog, generate articles using [your aff link], directly register for adsense

Copywriting 28

GASSS abandoned seo local search

This is a continuation from the results of generating articles on the sales web with the target of all sub-districts in the Bogor district starting to respond

[your aff link] mancabbbsss…

Copywriting 29

“My Mama Sells Online”

The story is like this 3 months ago my mom really wanted to have a smartphone, she said "I want to kui lo za touch screen cellphone your gonan"
Understandably, my parents live in the village of Tempuran Village, far in the interior of Ngawi.

Finally, with great difficulty and saving, I bought a new cees cellphone and my old cees cellphone didn't give me my beloved MAMA, sorry ma'am, I didn't give my CS used cellphone.
As time goes on, it turns out that my mom is getting smarter with using a smartphone, even though at first she used it and even uninstalled the existing app.

Because as time went on, I became more and more proficient, so I ended up being ignorant about asking my mom to sell online, because mom is in the village and has cooking skills, so what I promote is not far from there.

The first one I made a website

I'm optimizing the onpage as well as trying to plug in [your aff link] from my neighbor dingawi mas @herahadi

Finally today my mom got an order from Jakarta

When I got the news, I was really happy, it turns out that my mom can sell online

Stories from online shop Riza Luqmanul Hakim

Copywriting 30

"The tool has generated a lot of GPS sales, eh... thank you very much, looking forward to the next launch."

Testimonial from one user [your aff link]

Copywriting 31

It's ready to welcome. 2 posts from 1 blog have passed.
Just still at the bottom. The capital only mentions the name of the village in Indonesia at the end of the title [your aff link]. Thank you for sharing the .txt file for urban villages throughout Indonesia.

Copywriting 32

We are an olshop community that targets sales to all sub-districts but are lazy to make unique articles, which number 100 million people.

agree to use [your aff link] to make thousands of unique articles in one write

Copywriting 33

One way to get leads (traffic/potential buyers) is to advertise the products we sell. But of course this method costs money.

It doesn't matter, if there is a budget for that, it's better to use advertising. But not all business owners are able to do this. Especially for the beginning of a business with a small capital, it might be a bit difficult if you use ads directly.

Especially during a pandemic and PPKM like this, you really have to be careful in allocating the existing budget.

Then how can we still get potential buyers without having to use advertising?

The image below is one of the testimonials from users this magic tool [your aff link]

[add a screenshot of the pgp testimonial here]

Yups .. By utilizing SEO organically assisted PGP we can get prospective buyers without having to advertise. And in this way, if the keyword is fast on page 1 of Google, it usually lasts a long time.

2 concepts used to get leads organically using PGP that is abandoned keywords and local search. Please learn these 2 concepts in the PGP member area.

Incidentally, if you want to buy PGP today, there is a discount coupon that you can use to get a 50% discount. Please use the coupon code “pgp50” and check out here -> [your aff link]

Affiliate ToolTik Material: Email Swipe & Copywriting

Get affiliate commission up to 50% by promoting ToolTik. Please use this copywriting & email swipe to promote ToolTik via email/social media.

Please copy and paste the copywriting below to your social media, replace the affiliate link with your affiliate link.

You can see details & other affiliate materials such as banners, etc. here

If you haven't joined the expertbot affiliate program, please register for free here

Copywriting 1

Want your TikTok videos to be FYP? Follow this schedule

From the data collected by Marketing Hub, it turns out that so that TikTok videos have a greater chance of FYP, there are posting schedules.

Here are the schedules for posting TikTok videos to enter FYP

  • Monday: 09.00 WIB, 17.00 WIB, 21.00 WIB.
  • Tue: 13.00 WIB, 15.00 WIB, 20.00 WIB.
  • Wednesday: 18.00 WIB, 19.00 WIB, 22.00 WIB.
  • Thursday: 06.00 WIB, 20.00 WIB, 23.00 WIB.
  • Friday: 16.00 WIB, 24.00 WIB, 02.00 WIB.
  • Saturday: 06.00 WIB, 07.00 WIB, 22.00 WIB.
  • Sunday: 03.00 WIB, 18.00 WIB, 19.00 WIB.

The problem is, do you have to wait for posts at those hours? If you can wait patiently, please.

But if I use the tool, I can post 10, 20 videos at once for the next few days and the hours can be set according to what we want.

20 videos posted for the next few days even though the laptop is off and we are on vacation. Isn't that cool?

Just try the tool yourself here [your affiliate link] if you want. While there is a discount promo today.

Copywriting 2

Finally able to scrape/retrieve all video data from a certain TikTok user in one click.

This tool is really good..

Want to try? check it out here [your affiliate link]

Copywriting 3

Why didn't I use this tool in the first place? Scrape dozens of TikTok videos based on specific keywords. Excellent! Got all the data already..

Want to try it too? Check here [your affiliate link]

Copywriting 4

Here's how to download lots of tiktok videos without a watermark based on keywords in one click

Download many TikTok videos based on certain keywords and remove the watermark (tiktok logo & channel name) in one click...

wow this tool is really good..

Want to try the tool? Kindly PM...

[reply to message/PM with your affiliate link]

Copywriting 5

How to quickly fill youtube content without making your own video

Using this method, you will not run out of content ideas for any niche YouTube channel. I'm not tired of making my own videos. It's very easy, just follow these steps.

  1. Scrape video data on TikTok based on certain keywords or videos from specific users using this tool [your ToolTik affiliate link]
  2. Download all videos + remove the watermark in one click using the same tool as in point 1
  3. Just upload all the videos to the youtube channel using this tool [your TGP affiliate link]

Done.. have a good rest

Copywriting 6

Only 3/2/1 days left….

The 12.12 promo is the most powerful tiktok tool I've ever used.

  • Can scrape all videos from certain users, or from certain keywords.
  • Can download all videos in 1 click + remove the watermark at once.
  • Can post scheduled many videos at once for the next few days at certain hours.

So great…

Just a suggestion, it's better to secure the promo price now... the problem can be paid tomorrow. Go here, yes [your affiliate link]