How to Quickly Post Indexed in Minutes

How do you get the PGP generated posts to be indexed quickly?

I often receive the above question. Actually, it's easy if you want to be indexed quickly, you can add a url to google here Minutes, sometimes less than 1 minute, God willing, it's already indexed...
The question is… quickly indexed where do you want to go? haha
But I personally don't recommend submitting the url to the link above for thousands or tens of thousands of posts generated with Post Generator Pro. I myself prefer to be indexed naturally without submitting it anywhere. I even left the ping settings on my wordpress blank.
How about submitting a sitemap to google webmaster tools (GWT)?
Incidentally about 4 months ago I did a small test on several of my blogs to analyze how effectively our blogs are indexed by submitting a sitemap to GWT. The result is like this.
cara cepat terindex google
There are about 14 blogs that I submit to GWT and 13 blogs that I don't submit. the result is that the average index for submitted blogs is 56.5%, while the blogs that I don't submit are indexed on average 108%. For more details on how to read it, you can read here…
From the test results above, the conclusion is that indexing is more effective for blogs that I don't submit sitemap to GWT.
But one thing that must be remembered, different types of blogs, different techniques may also have different results.
I don't recommend not submitting it to GWT or others... this is just sharing the experimental results. What's more, this experiment was more than 3 months ago, it might not be relevant anymore now. Just make it a second opinion… If you have a mentor and the mentor suggests something different from the one in this article, then just follow the mentor.
So my habit after generating thousands of articles, I've just let it be indexed naturally. At least I share it automatically to several social media for every post. Next time I'll show you my web traffic which doesn't depend on 100% from Google but from social media.
For automatic sharing you can use this tool How about backlinks? I never looked for backlinks, yes, I got backlinks from social media shares earlier. Not because the backlinks are bad, but because I'm lazy to look for it hehe...
Please if you want to find backlinks, only quality.
Hope it is useful.
Thank you very much Herahadi –
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  1. Really? If you use submit, you only win at the beginning and get down quickly, it's good, neutral / only submitting the verification url and sitemap, you can compete for months….hehe

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