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AGC (Auto Generated Content)/KGC (Keyword Generated Content) Plugin For WordPress

Posting content is easy copy-paste keywordsclickso!!!

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AGC or AGK or KGC or Autoblog?

Want AGC (Auto Generated Content) or AGK (Auto Generated Keyword) or KGC (Keyword Generated Content) or Autoblog, it's up to you what you call it. What is certain is that this is a plugin that I use in a thread that I have shared on (with some development and additional features). Which thread? This thread lol Please read the thread first if you want.

Of the four AGC blogs in that thread, they are still alive and still producing without I ever updating again. It's been practically 3 years since the AGC web has survived all kinds of Google algorithm updates without ever updating its content.

Why Should You Use Auto Wall Pro?

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A WordPress Plugin

AWP is a WordPress plugin. Installation is very easy, just upload the zip file and activate it. Even so we are ready to help install if you are still having trouble. What's not delicious? ️

Enter Keyword - Click - So

True to ExpertBOT's motto: eat-sleep-earn. You don't need to be able to speak English, you don't even need to write to be able to produce content! Just enter keywords then click generate and become content.

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Very Simple

AWP Very easy to use. All you need is to input keywords only. Other features are optional.

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Support Spintax

To make post results more unique, AWP is equipped with a spintax feature (support nested spintax). You can add a spin paragraph before and after the AWP generated content so that your post will look very unique (it doesn't look like a grab/scrape result).

awp support spintax
free update

Free Updates

If there is a new version of AWP released then you can download it for free without having to pay again.

Not Rely On 1 Theme

Do you know the faults of many other AGC tools? they are themes. So that between user 1 and other users the themes are all the same. This makes it easier for google to find their AGC pattern. By using AWP you can use almost any wordpress theme. You have 100 websites so use 100 different themes to make it difficult for Google to find your AGC pattern.

Auto Related Keywords

Auto Wall Pro will automatically search for related keywords according to the main keywords. You can choose whether you want to put the related keywords under the article or as tags.

Saved In Database

Posts generated by AWP are stored in the database so that server performance is only at the beginning when generated. When a visitor enters, the server does not look for and scrape content anymore but takes it directly from the database. All posts are real, not fake sitemaps.


Because it is stored in the database, the AWP generated results are highly editable. For example, post A generated by AWP has a very good position on Google and generates a lot of traffic. You can update it by adding manual content to the post.

Created By AGC Player

Not only made based on theories, assumptions, estimates and perceptions. I am an AGC player myself, made this plugin based on need and I have been using it for more than 3 years.

Can Be Combined With Manual Blog

The results generated from AWP are very flexible. You can combine it with manual articles in 1 blog. For example, in 1 blog there are 2 posts, post A is generated using AWP and post B is a manual post. For example, we enter the AWP generated results in category A, we enter the results of manual writing in category B. It is very possible.

Auto Wall Pro Demo

Take a good look at the video below how AWP works.


These are the words of those who have used the tools from ExpertBOT

Sorry, AWP sale has closed. to get notifications via email when sales are re-opened, please subscribe to our email list (FREE)


Before buying make sure you have read the FAQ and understand what you are getting.
Buying is considered to have read the FAQ!

1 license can only be installed in 1 domain only. Licenses already installed in domain A cannot be transferred to another domain for any reason.

Yes, with some conditions.

Refund conditions:

  1. Refunds are only valid if you request a refund less than 3 days from the date of purchase. More than that does not apply.
  2. Refunds are only valid if the plugin cannot be used and our team does not have a solution for the problem. This point is not valid if you apply for a refund after the time limit in point 1.
  3. Refunds are only valid for issues that are not in the FAQ.
  4. Refund of 100% minus an administration fee of Rp. 15,000.
  5. Refunds do not apply if AWP can be used in your wordpress state without other active plugins and twenty seventeen active themes.

There is. FB groups are only for sharing between members, not for support. For support through the helpdesk menu in the member area.

We have developed this plugin as optimally as possible to make it easier for you to get visitors and earnings, but we do not guarantee that you will get it.

We developed this plugin as optimally as possible to withstand de-index storms and Google algorithm changes, but we do not guarantee that you will be free from this. Likewise with your google adsense account, there is no safe guarantee from being banned.

Technically you can, but it depends on the hosting party's policy as well whether it's allowed to use AWP or not. Check with your hosting company first if in doubt.

AWP does not limit the maximum number of posts that can be generated in 1 click. The number of posts that are generated in one click depends on the strength of your hosting.

Best practice AWP is to generate the first try 5 keywords, if strong, continue to generate the second add 5 more keywords (10 keywords in one click to generate the second) and so on.

Usually crashes with other plugins or themes. Try turning off all other plugins and changing the theme to twentyseventeen whether the text progress is red or not.

If it still doesn't work, the posts are usually well generated.

You cannot be refunded if this problem appears.

Usually crashes with other plugins or themes. Try turning off all other plugins and changing the theme to twentyseventeen if the button works.

Not. We sell tools, not ebooks/tutorials. Even if there are optimization tips, just think of it as sharing.

AWP does not automatically download images to our hosting. The image uses a link from bing instead of a hotlink to the original source.

If you want images to be automatically downloaded to our server, you can use additional plugins from the wordpress directory (free). The list of plugins is in the member area. Please note, we do not provide support for using this additional plugin.

There is. Your hosting/VPS must enable the curl feature, which is generally already enabled by the hosting company. However, there are some shared hosting (especially in Indonesia) that do not activate this feature. To make sure whether your curl hosting is active or not, please try to install this plugin on your wordpress to test

List of hosting that is confirmed not to support AWP: rumahweb, idwebhost.


Currently AWP only supports English. If you enter keywords in other languages, AWP will still work, but it is possible that the resulting content is less relevant.

AWP will look for content that is as relevant as possible to the keyword. Even so, sometimes the results are less relevant to the keywords entered.

Immediately test your AWP and see the results. If you are not satisfied, refund immediately before the refund guarantee period runs out.

Refunds because they are not satisfied with the image or AWP results after the refund period is over are not served.

"If you copy and paste from 1 source it's called plagiarism. If you quote from multiple sources it's called research/thesis. Congratulations on working on your thesis with AWP! You have the right to embed the title of SAG (Bachelor of Auto Generated Content) after your name after buying AWP."
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