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Payroll Once a Week Capital Update Status

It turns out that getting money from the internet is very easy. It's as easy as updating your facebook status!

By becoming an affiliate partner of PakarBOT you are entitled to a commission every time someone buys through your referrals.

Even before they buy (just signed up) you already get a commission.

Something like this only exists in the expertbot!

Promotion Once, Commission many times

Affiliate expertbot uses a hybrid recuring system. Every time a user of your affiliate link extends or buys a new product, you will get a commission again without you being promoted again. We will discuss more details about the recuring hybrid system below.

What is an affiliate?

What is the affiliate program? Could it be fraud?

Well... instead of being tired of explaining later, we still don't believe it..

Here, just look at the explanation from om Deddy Corbuzier.. (you can skip to minute 3:11 if you don't want to watch it for too long)

Is it really okay, Uncle Deddy is lying? It's impossible right!?

Do you believe now??

And… hey.. what Uncle Deddy said is true!!
The affiliate program already exists in Indonesia!

This expertbot affiliate program is one of them. The difference is that what Uncle Deddy Corbuzier explained earlier, the products are physical products such as shoes, clothes, etc., in this expertbot affiliate program the products are digital products.

That's it. That's right, in this digital era, making money is very easy. Sleep – update status – earn money!!

Status Update Get Commission
earn by sharing information

Getting affiliate commissions from PakarBOT is as easy as updating your facebook status! This is serious!!

In the PakarBOT affiliate program you don't have to be like a sales person to get sales. PakarBOT provides lots of free products, tutorials or premium tips & tricks that you can share for free either via Facebook, email, website or other media.

For example, in the PakarBOT member area there is an article about “Trick Page 1 Google Without Web Without Articles". You can share this article for example via Facebook status. Later, if any of your friends want to read the article, they will automatically click the link you shared.

After your friend clicks on the link, his pixel will be recorded by the PakarBOT system. We at PakarBOT will continue to chase and bombard your friend with advertisements and email broadcasts offering PakarBOT paid products. Well ... if your friends buy these paid products then you will get a commission.

Isn't it delicious?? sharing useful articles but getting a commission.

What's even better is that it's not just articles, but also lots of free tools that you can share with your friends.

And best of all, your cookies will be recorded for a few months… WOOWW yes a few months!! this means that if your friend clicks on the affiliate link today and then buys a paid product the following month you will still get a commission. Wow this is so!

Is there anything delicious from the PakarBOT affiliate program?? there dong!! Commission payments are made every Monday. This means you can get paid every week!

Easy to Get Sales

Don't be surprised later when you become an PakarBOT affiliate, it turns out that it's easy to get sales.

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make money from affiliate
program affiliate

Don't be surprised like them, when you become an PakarBOT affiliate, you suddenly get sales. Maybe they have only promoted PakarBOT products a few times, so they are surprised when they haven't promoted for a long time, suddenly there are sales.

As we explained above. The PakarBOT affiliate system is different from the others. In addition to you who are promoting, we also promote and educate potential buyers who come from your affiliate link by using email marketing, fb ads, or google ads, seo and others. What's the goal? so that there is a purchase from your affiliate link.

What else is missing, is it delicious?

Our advice is to register as an PakarBOT affiliate immediately before we limit access to become an affiliate.

Affiliate Commission Scheme

How much commission will you get by becoming an affiliate expertbot?

1. The minimum commission for paid products is 25%. 

2. Commission increased to 30% if you managed to make at least 7 sales in the last 30 days. Whatever the value of your sales.

3. Commission increased to 35% if you managed to make at least 13 sales in the last 30 days. Whatever the value of your sales.

4. Commission increased to 40% if you managed to make at least 27 sales in the last 30 days. Whatever the value of your sales.

5. Commission increased to 50% if you managed to record sales of IDR 19 million in the last 30 days.

This means the commission you get is greater than what we earn. Because we still have to incur maintenance costs, multiple server costs, team costs, etc.

6. For free sign up/trial you get a commission of IDR 100,-


Lots of Bonuses

Apart from the sales commission, the affiliate affiliate also has various programs with millions of rupiah bonuses. Among them: new product launching contest, monthly contest, affiliate of the year.

New Product Launch Contest

When there is a new product we usually hold a contest with bonus prizes reaching tens of millions. As an example of a tooltik launching contest with a prize bonus of up to 40 million which you can check here

The total bonus prize for each new product launching contest is different. It could be 40 million, 50 million, and so on.

Monthly Contest

Every month we will give bonus prizes for top affiliates with the following criteria.

Bonus 1 – IDR 150,000 cash
Untuk 1 orang dengan minimal 4 penjualan & komisi affiliate di atas Rp400.000 selama 1 bulan.

Bonus 2 – Cash IDR 100,000
Untuk 1 orang dengan minimal 3 penjualan & komisi affiliate di atas Rp300.000 selama 1 bulan.

Bonus 3 – IDR 50,000 cash
Untuk 1 orang dengan minimal 3 penjualan & komisi affiliate di atas Rp200.000 selama 1 bulan.

The bonus will be transferred immediately after the monthly top affiliate leaderboard is announced, without having to wait for the threshold period. Leaderboard will be announced at the beginning of each month (between the 1-10) of the following month. For example, the January leaderboard will be announced on 1-10 February.

Affiliate Of The Year

Every year there will be 3 top affiliates with the largest affiliate commissions & the most sales who will get surprise prizes without any other conditions. Surprise gifts in the form of physical products will be sent to their respective addresses without any charge.


How much commission do I get?

Each commission product is different. The commission you will get follows the commission scheme above. The minimum commission you will get is 25% to 50%.

Is there a minimum payout?

Actually we want no minimum payout, whatever your commission we will transfer immediately. But because this is not possible (interbank transfers are at least Rp. 20 thousand) we are forced to apply a minimum payout of Rp. 20,000.

Every time your commission reaches IDR 20,000, we will immediately transfer it every Monday after passing the threshold period.

How old are my affiliate link cookies?

Affiliate cookies are 1 month old.

Dengan umur user-affiliate relation time: 2 bulan.

What is a recurring hybrid system?

Affiliate expertbot uses a recurring hybrid system. That is a combination of recurring affiliate system & last click win system.

Artinya setiap kali user register menggunakan link/kupon affiliate Anda maka ketika user tersebut memperpanjang atau membeli produk lain dari pakarbot secara direct Anda akan tetap mendapat komisi (selama masih berada dalam masa user-affiliate relation time) meskipun sedang tidak melakukan promosi lagi saat pembelian tersebut terjadi.

Case example 1:
Kamu mempromosikan produk gratisan pakarbot, kemudian user register. Sampai sini Kamu sudah dapat komisi kecil. 1,5 bulan kemudian user beli PGP secara direct tanpa melalui link aff kamu, maka kamu dpt komisi lagi dr pembelian PGP meskipun kamu tidak sedang promosi PGP.

Case example 2:
Kamu mempromosikan TGP kemudian user beli TGP. Sampai sini kamu dapat komisi dari TGP. 1,5 bulan kemudian user perpanjang TGP secara direct maka kamu dapat komisi TGP lagi. 1 minggu kemudian user beli PGP secara direct maka kamu juga akan dapat komisi lagi dari PGP meskipun kamu tidak promosi PGP.

When will my commission be disbursed?

We will transfer the commission to your bank account every Monday. Or Tuesday at the latest if there are many who payout.

Commissions are ready to be disbursed when the threshold is reached.

What is the threshold period?

The threshold period is the period when your commission cannot be withdrawn. That is 37 days after the purchase.

What is my commission if the buyer requests a refund?

If the buyer requests a refund before your commission is disbursed, it is considered a no purchase. Commission forfeited.

Do I have to have a blog with a lot of visitors to get sales?

Do not have to. You can use any media such as status updates on Facebook, via wa, email, etc. Check out the example in the video above.

Please use materials such as videos, testimonials on the landing page if needed.

What can't be?

  • It is forbidden to create 2 accounts and then make purchases using one of the affiliate accounts to get a discount. Affiliate commission will be automatically forfeited if you do this.
  • It is forbidden to give excessive lure to potential buyers.

What if someone clicks on my affiliate link but doesn't buy anything?

Don't worry we will continue to follow up them with advertisements, email broadcasts, etc. so that they are finally interested in buying. And you will still get a commission if in the end they buy because of the results of our follow-up.

Is there an affiliate group?

There is. please join here

Need help?

Our team is ready to help you. Please submit a support ticket to our support team via the button below.

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